CSX Attendance Policy

NO!!! You CAN'T have a day off!

    The railroad practically invented the term 'on-call'. Many CSX employees do not have schedules, but are forced into working a 'list'. Most lists are on call 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, and often the employee cannot even choose their day off. It is common to be called to work during an assigned day off.

    Unscheduled days off are usually not granted for family or religious obligations. There are many CSX employees who have been unable to attend their childrens' birthday parties, their wedding anniversaries, and even funerals because they were not allowed time off.

    We've even heard of people who had to call out sick, to attend their own wedding! We're sure that some of these stories that can top even that one...

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Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 24 July 2016

with record heat, high humidity and dew points in the 70s on csx
northern region, csx terminal managers and train masters thinks its ok
to keep crews working 4 to 5 plus straight hours outside without a
break. even thought this quarters safety video is about working in the
heat outside safely. all trainmasters who do this ought to be ashamed
of themselves who put productivity and car counts over employee safety
and wellbeing. unfortunately this practice will continue until some one
has to got to the hospital with heat exhaustion or die from heat stroke
and I hope then someone sues the shit ought of this shit hole company.
I don't know how you southern boys do it working in this oppressive
heat, but I got a lot more respect for yous now.

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Name: Mediator
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 10-20 years
Posted: 20 July 2016


Time to figure out what is bothering the company man sooooo much.
Lets see now.... I believe it all started around July 9th when our so
called MR. Pines showed up to distract everyone. He began by making
pokes at someone posting on the safety site with unrelated safety
topics.  At that time the subjects at hand were as follows:

1: Labor relations denial of claims due to totally screwed up
information gathered from the company GPS
2: Serious conduct unbecoming of company officials and the cover up of
a banner test going seriously wrong.
3: Blackmail of arbitrators
4: Links being posted to retrieve PLB awards
5: Intimidation and harassment in the work place.

We are pretty sure he was the one who posted the comment:  I hate this
site. I love csx.  He did manage to draw L&N into his little web if
deceit. For some reason he always does. Starting to look like they
might be working together. How could someone fall for his stupidity so
many times????

The real Mr. Pines is out of commission!  We all hope to god this
character is not an offspring from Mr. Pines. God knows we don't need
a repeat of the years of ranting and raving from the other mentally
lost soul!

Mr. Pines imposter. 
We all are quite aware of the horrific train wreck that occurred in
Texas. There is no need for a heated discussion on this website about
it. You are obviously not a true railroader!!!!!
If you were, you would understand the pain and grief that all
railroaders feel for another who has lost their life. We ALL FEEL THE
not even begin to feel what we do. It hits all of un in our guts when
we begin to imagine what they were going through in the last minutes of
their life. We have all had that one moment when we thought that our
train may not get stopped or slowed down at a red signal or for a slow
order. We have all felt that moment when we are approaching a stop for
a work authority and we cant get ahold of the forman in charge. Its
something in the pit of our stomachs you could never understand. NO ONE
GOES OUT THEIR TO GET KILLED! Unfortunately no one will ever know the
truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth because the witnesses
aren't here to tell their side. GOD REST THEIR SOULS!
Show some respect or move on to another foamer site.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 July 2016

again, use your time at CSX to prepare for your next job and a real
career. Save $$$, don't buy house, new car, overspend, etc. Focus on a
long term career, get as many on line tuition credits as possible, and
prepare for bail out when YOUR Titanic sinks. You have no excuse for
surprise at the likely outcome. You just don't know the day the
iceberg shows up. Folks are giving you straight information. Your
career is REALLY your responsibility, not the HR / Labor Relations

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Name: Geep
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 15 July 2016

Sounds like CSX and the train masters on the Great Lakes Division may
have some competition in the harassment and discrimination area.


According to the complaint, Freeman, who was hired by Kansas City
Southern as a conductor trainee Nov. 30, 2009, was subjected to a
hostile work environment, sexual harassment, retaliation and ultimately
termination for filing a complaint for discrimination and for seeking
accommodations following medical problems. 

The plaintiff alleges the defendant denied her medical treatment for a
work-related injury to her knee, deprived her of her rights and
privileges, and terminated her employment Sept. 18, 2012.

Freeman seeks a trial by jury, compensatory damages, attorney fees,
legal costs, expenses and such other relief the court deems just and
proper. She is represented by attorney Patricia A. Gilley of Gilley &
Gilley in Shreveport.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Shreveport
Division Case number 5:16-cv-00936

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Name: Henry
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 14 July 2016

While CSX doesn't think twice about stealing from its employees every
payday,I do know that one of the fat bastard train masters at Avon went
after a Brother, claiming he was stealing from the company.  

The fat bastard train master chased down the Brother in the parking lot
and tried to charge him with theft of company property.  The Brother had
finished his day, took a large foam cup from the coffee cabinet in the
employee crew room,(which everyone had access to) filled the foam cup
with ice and/was taking it with him to his car.  The fat bastard train
master said the ice was to be used by the employees on duty and on the 
train.  Being the Brother's day had ended, and he'd already clocked
out, the fat bastard train master said the brother was not entitled to
fill the 20oz foam cup with ice and leave company property.  This was
theft, and the cup of ice wasnt for the companys benifet, but for his
personal use.  

In this case, being Golden didn't count for Jack, and this is how far
some fat bastard train masters at Avon will go to meet their monthly
quota when it comes to test failures and write ups

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 12 July 2016

       everything you said is correct except the water. Complying with
federal, state, and company safety and operating rules may slow you
down slightly, but it is required. Stealing the water, ream of paper,
etc. is just foolish, since that gives them a clear cut reason to fire
you for being the bad guy, an excuse for the union to abandon you, and
you gain some really bad water, extra cheap paper, etc. Go to dollar
tree and get your dollar water, toilet tissue, etc. It's cheaper,
better, and has a different name on it, so if they glance at your
vehicle they will NOT see company property but rather wal-mart brand or
similar. You might even save a receipt or two. You REALLY don't want to
be signing a statement at hearing apologizing for YOUR unethical
behaviour, and begging for another chance.If you note, the RR is very
stingy on safety related items such as safety glasses, lanterns, etc.
which you have to get there.

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Name: The State
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 10 July 2016

John Bradley has been promoted again???? Are you kidding??? Just like
the movie Dumb and Dumber all over again.  

Hope when Bradley leaves the Chicago Division, he'll take his (not so)
little pet (p)Rick Reed with him.

Good riddance to the both of them

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 July 2016

my understanding is that John Bradley has been promoted to vice
president - south, formerly Chicago Division manager, formerly Great
Lakes manager, formerly Avon Terminal Superintendent, formerly
Louisville Terminal Superintendent.

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 09 July 2016

Furloughed out of manchester,ga again........for the 3rd fucking time.
Piss on this shit. Im out.

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Name: who they are
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 07 July 2016

Pissed On

CSX has cut the amount of human employees working for Crew Management,
dramatically.   CSX believes that computers and technology, just like
when it comes to running engines and calling crews, can be done more
efficiently through the use of technology.

Don't get me wrong, just like all crafts, Crew Management does have
its share of lazy employees. Employees that like to take extended smoke
breaks, suck up to Management, or just disappear and send their calls to
an empty desk. Unfortunately the lazyness of a few of our employees is
accented because there are so few of us left in this craft.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 01 July 2016

      If you are talking about FDR's New Deal in today's world, you
must have an elderly relative. Especially as economists usually feel
that FDR's quasi soviet plans extended the depression, and the massive
armament orders we got from Europe, combined with the large skilled
labor pool available and ready to move, actually relieved the US

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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 29 June 2016


YES! YOU! CREW MANAGER!   What the hell have you been doing since 1830
pm tonight????

I just called your crew callers for over 2 stinking hours trying to get
through.  I drove 18 miles in my car home and let the phone ring. I
tried to recall several times hoping it might go to a different desk
and it never did.  I let the phone ring 175 times on the last call.  I
have proof of all of this. It is real easy to time how many seconds it
is between rings. Im going to have my phone records printed out to show
how many hours I tried to get through and how long I was on the phone
each time I called.  I can prove how many rings were on my phone with
each call.  What the hell is wrong with you that you cant see whats
going on!!!

I heard a rumor yesterday that one of your crew callers told a guy that
it they don't want to answer the phone they transfer the call to
another desk where no one is sitting at the time.
You better pray to god that we cant prove this because not only is that
crew caller going to be walked out the front door but you can just take
your butt with them.

175 rings.....175 rings...... 18 miles of driving in a car and
listening to the phone ring and no one answer.
Whats wrong with your people down there. If their medication off? Are
you giving them tainted water to drink? YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT
believe for one minute that Michael Ward knows what the hell is going on
down there but he is going too!  GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! 
You should be ashamed of yourself!

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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 28 June 2016

Tell all book about working for a railroad?   CSX actually\really
promised a better future?  
- With just 10 yrs. RR service time you'll need a lot of input.
- Lots & lots of people think railroaders do OK:   Good pay &   
benefits, wonderful retirement, etc. If you're T&E, you just climb on
a locomotive & ride.  Corporate / management people consider RR labor
work rules antiquated/outdated.   Exposing the real "way it is" crap
(the double standards, the rhetoric, etc., etc.) would be a neat thing
so good luck.

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Name: redeye51
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 26 June 2016

Hello my true Americans.

Been working for CSX for +10yrs and soon I will be slapping down my
resignation on the table.  I am a veteran who came to CSX with the
promise of a better future.  Well, those corporate greedy bastards are
just sending true America down the drain.  I am looking to write a tell
all book about personal experience here at CSX.  Get your stories
together cause I will be back and share the wealth.  Let us together
get the story out about this place. Those investors got money and TMZ
would love a good story.  FTW...let the chit roll.  And stay tuned...

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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 22 June 2016

Is there any L&N western lines engineers on here trying to go to SCL
eastern lines? What have you been told by Gary Best or Matt Thornton
about this?? How does all these zones they talkin about work. Thought
we had a Single System Agreement.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 20 June 2016

Last post is good --- agree.  Why stoop to their level?

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 19 June 2016

Hey: Here at Home:
                   Lets make it clear that WE are the good guys part of
the employment equation. Calling Brian Edwards fat, dirty, stupid,
etc.even if it has some accuracy just makes US look like we deserve
everything the carrier can dish out, and we are well deserving of
cattle prods, investigations, etc. Most of us are decent, middle class,
responsible workers that just want a fair trade in money and respect for
our efforts, and often do not get it. Nasty comments just makes us look

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Name: Thunder Bolt.
Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 June 2016

I have to ask.  When will the employees stand together and work as one
to address the at least one of the wrongs that management inflicts upon
its employees?  I'm taking it that when CSX started their own school,
instead of charging tuition, they required that you leave your balls at
the door instead????? 

I remember when Tony Ingram forced everyone to work Christmas for
several years in a row.  Each year Ingram would promise to shut down
the railroad at Christmas time so that the T&E people could spend the
holidays with their families.  Two years in a row it didn't happen. 
The third year all of the engineers worth their salt marked off, and
the conductors stayed marked up.  The forth year the conductors marked
off, and the engineers stayed marked up.  The fifth year, per Ingram's
orders, the railroad shut down and everyone got Christmas off.

The lesson is, in case you missed it.  United We Stand. DIVIDED WE

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Name: to LC
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 13 June 2016

The crew that was threatened said the DTO's name was Steve. The chief,
who also ordered them or threatened out of service for not following a
direct order, was named Dustin. Of course they were too chickenshit to
give them last names. 
Also, these are the guys who claim that no J-job will be getting more
than one ticket. They claim that when called for a J-job you will work
12 hours and get as many trains, travel as many miles as needed, and go
either direction for one ticket. You will only get overtime after 8
hours. This is a complete violation of the B@O agreement.Unfortunately,
the unions have yet to stop this and haven't gotten any claims paid to
Hopefully, Steve (DTO) and Dustin (Chief) get reprimanded for their
bullying and unethical behavior, according to CSX's strict ethics
policy. We all know how hard CSX would come down on a T&E employee for
an ethics violation.

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Name: LC
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 13 June 2016


It has been brought to the attention of the unions that the DTO's are
seriously crossing the lines on their authority over the rules and
regulations of the company as well as the FRA. A crew was ordered to
recrew a train in an area they were never qualified and had absolutely
no  clue about the territory. The crew clearly stated that they were
not qualified. Since the train was in the newly extended terminal
limits the DTO decided they should be able to recrew this train and if
they chose not too they would be pulled out of service and placed in
qualifying status. This was nothing more than intimidation and
harassment of the crew. It also shows that this DTO does not care about
safely moving trains or the safety of the crew. The crew should have
stood their ground and let the DTO pull them out of service for
training. The DTO and dispatchers are not ignorant on how the railroad
works. Many have been on the ground and in the craft for years before
moving up to the dispatch center.  We all know that standing up to
management when they are intimidating and threatening is a hard thing
to do. Being afraid of becoming a target is usually the reason crews
back down and don't stand up for what is right. This kind of
intimidation from the DTO or the dispatcher IS NOT ACCEPTABLE EVER!
These kind of actions need to be reported immediately to your LC and if
you cant reach them then call your general chairman. Then notify the FRA
director of operating rules.  If the company wants to make everyone
qualified to protect terminal limits then a training program needs to
be put in place and all employees starting from the most junior to
senior need to be qualified. There are senior employees who have been
out in the field for over 20 years who never travel in both directions
and never will due to their ability to hold the positions they desire
the most. The company CAN NOT pick and choose who thee feel needs to be
qualified in the terminal nor can they force a crew to run a train
without a pilot trip first. This is exactly what happened in the AVON
DO NOT BUCKLE UNDER. You must stand your ground on this issue.

If you encounter this situation you need to notify the FRA immediately.
 You can call Robert Crawford at 817-235-5397. If you are unable to
reach him then can call the FRA Indianapolis office at 
317-226-0390 and they will page him or take a message for him.
This is serious business and should not be taken lightly. The safe
movement of trains as well as the safety of the crews is the most
important issue on the railroad.  Intimidation of any crew is 
unacceptable behavior and an ethic's violation.

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