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Posted: 16 April 2012

Nice post. The crew callers in my day were real humans that lived in
the area, and had been handling the board for years. The board (for
those younger) was a glass board with wooden plugs or blocks that moved
around. The callers not only called the crew but also maintained the
board. yes they would get a stick of wood, paint it black and letter it
by hand with the name of the employee. If a called employee did not have
a phone they came to your sleeping place looking for you.

I lived off and on for several years at a RR hotel, during the day the
hotel was managed by a human and the RR would call and the hotel person
would give the call. At night the caller would bang on the door with a
call card for you to sign. If you were sober and coherent they would
wave the card deal. These were real humans that had to cover the call
if need be.

As with everything most were really good, some better than others, now
I know why? if they liked you ya got everything they knew, If not ya
got a very Sharpe I do not know!

I still remember engineers with the BLE dreaming of a $40.00 day
guarantee, they were spreading that when the rate was closer to $30.00

The reserve board (maybe) should be the next topic.

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