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    This area of the site will be an open forum for CSX employees to discuss all forms of harassment and discrimination on the job. As many of us have seen, the company's first priority is the company, not the rights of it's workers.

    Coming soon... Audio Files of real employees being harassed and discriminated against.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 28 July 2016

as I recall, several years ago Matt Long mentioned that CSX were on the
3rd major replacement of the AC system. At the time he was assigned
responsibility for working with contractors on repairs. There are many
failures in Building 5, design flaws, safety issues, etc. I wonder if
the similar building 5's throughout the system have the same issues? I
always thought the heat / ac failures were a result of undersized units,
poor air control, and a desire to regulate temperature in the management
section and just let the crew areas go to hell. BTW anyone know what
Matt Long is doing now?

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 27 July 2016

2 wall st. journal articles, last 2 days. yesterday said oil pipelines
are finally catching up with fracking locations so expect a very
permanent reduction in demand for oil trains, tank cars, etc. Pipelines
don't go to east and west coast as much, but follow normal oil routes.
Other article said CSX was planting a tree for every retail stockholder
that voted, since they usually voted with the company, whereas bulk
owners / controllers of stock were usually unfriendly / trying a
takeover, etc.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 25 July 2016

A company that abuses any system the FRA or unions put in writing
intimidation and harassment is all there about put fear in hard working
men it going to hit um in the ass some day I work here and to be honest
they don't even pay you for a day's work they Denie you  its has be
illegal to not pay a man his day work this is why unions got started
they think we're Chinese workers like  the 1800 read your history FRA
it's back to then they play the system to drag it on so us employees
should be made like  animals bury you when there done  1800 I'm tellna
 ya read the history

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Name: SMART Corrupt Union Boss
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 25 July 2016

You nailed just about all of us here in Cleveland, Ohio , with that.
Yes everybody that was with the UTU and SMART was crooked and dishonest
and criminal minded. We ripped off every member of the UTU we can get a
hold of and we really liked the NEW HIRES, because they were really
stupid, just like the Employees at the Stupid Pacific.

Those guys and especially those ones from SP, were very ignorant and
Stupid.  We will be raising the monthly dues again very soon to pay for
the new offices and LC and other officers salaries and new websites. 
Thank you to all you stupid SMART members around the UP, BNSF, CSX,
KCS, Amtrak, 

Corrupt SMART Union Boss.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 25 July 2016

How can you possibly figure someone like the late Cornelius Vanderbilt
was great???    Assholes like him & they way they treated the public,
employees/workers, rail customers, etc., are the cause\ real reason
the former ICC was created, unions were formed & a lot of federal
legislation regarding RRs was enacted.

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Name: Corrupt Union Bosses
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 24 July 2016

It seems as if all the management problems needs to be addressed by your
union officers...but they are just as corrupt and immoral as management.
So what do you do? Keep complaining on this site and hope that it gets
better! It's not going to happen at all!!!

There's only TWO (2) things management understands that gets their
attention: Lawsuits and trains not moving.

The late great Cornelius Vanderbilt was an Industrialist without any
formal education, who understood the legal system he detested.
He once stated to a rival that: you might win in a legal tussle, but I
will destroy your business with delays on top of delays.

On paragraph (2), the later is always viable. You all just have to
figure out how without stating the obvious!

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Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 24 July 2016

with record heat, high humidity and dew points in the 70s on csx
northern region, csx terminal managers and train masters thinks its ok
to keep crews working 4 to 5 plus straight hours outside without a
break. even thought this quarters safety video is about working in the
heat outside safely. all trainmasters who do this ought to be ashamed
of themselves who put productivity and car counts over employee safety
and wellbeing. unfortunately this practice will continue until some one
has to got to the hospital with heat exhaustion or die from heat stroke
and I hope then someone sues the shit ought of this shit hole company.
I don't know how you southern boys do it working in this oppressive
heat, but I got a lot more respect for yous now.

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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 22 July 2016

This site has been destroyed by something so simple.
Post in one topic! sad

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Name: Mediator
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 10-20 years
Posted: 20 July 2016


Time to figure out what is bothering the company man sooooo much.
Lets see now.... I believe it all started around July 9th when our so
called MR. Pines showed up to distract everyone. He began by making
pokes at someone posting on the safety site with unrelated safety
topics.  At that time the subjects at hand were as follows:

1: Labor relations denial of claims due to totally screwed up
information gathered from the company GPS
2: Serious conduct unbecoming of company officials and the cover up of
a banner test going seriously wrong.
3: Blackmail of arbitrators
4: Links being posted to retrieve PLB awards
5: Intimidation and harassment in the work place.

We are pretty sure he was the one who posted the comment:  I hate this
site. I love csx.  He did manage to draw L&N into his little web if
deceit. For some reason he always does. Starting to look like they
might be working together. How could someone fall for his stupidity so
many times????

The real Mr. Pines is out of commission!  We all hope to god this
character is not an offspring from Mr. Pines. God knows we don't need
a repeat of the years of ranting and raving from the other mentally
lost soul!

Mr. Pines imposter. 
We all are quite aware of the horrific train wreck that occurred in
Texas. There is no need for a heated discussion on this website about
it. You are obviously not a true railroader!!!!!
If you were, you would understand the pain and grief that all
railroaders feel for another who has lost their life. We ALL FEEL THE
not even begin to feel what we do. It hits all of un in our guts when
we begin to imagine what they were going through in the last minutes of
their life. We have all had that one moment when we thought that our
train may not get stopped or slowed down at a red signal or for a slow
order. We have all felt that moment when we are approaching a stop for
a work authority and we cant get ahold of the forman in charge. Its
something in the pit of our stomachs you could never understand. NO ONE
GOES OUT THEIR TO GET KILLED! Unfortunately no one will ever know the
truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth because the witnesses
aren't here to tell their side. GOD REST THEIR SOULS!
Show some respect or move on to another foamer site.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 19 July 2016

PTC PTC PTC: To be fair to CSX and the RR industry, PTC was a program
developed by Congress and especially a few Democrats, passed in haste,
poorly thought out.The RR industry is technically challenged and has
extreme difficulty making even minor improvements. Any managers will be
picked based on political connections. If Elon Musk worked here he would
not be promoted, just pulled out of service until he got the hint and
quit. Part of the reason we have smart Indians working here in the US
is that they get promotions in India based on family connections, NOT
smarts....just like the RR. Didn't work there, doesn't work here.

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Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 18 July 2016

The hole  rumor has it the superintendent

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 18 July 2016


My locale:  From early 1979 to early 1995 - NO new hires.

Bottom Line \ Point \ Question is:    Does this company (and all the
investors) truly want to operate an efficient, prosperous RAILROAD or
not?   Evidently NOT.   Sad.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 17 July 2016

Started my RR career in OCT., 1974.  Almost done.

Liked construction work but things were real slow.
At the time, needed a job.  Pay was 3 bucks less per hr.
than what I earned prior. Had to take it.  

C&O\B&O.   Chessie System.  CSX Transportation.

Never been employee friendly. Entire career always
threatened with being fired.  Is nothing new. 

Seems even worse now days.  CSX can't figure out that if it wants to
survive & prosper as a RAILROAD, slack off on the schooling, the petty
crap, & concentrate more on moving freight using confident, competent,
experienced employees.  

CSX culture has needed to change for quite a while now & it hasn't.
Evidently management doesn't care AND\OR they have a plan.

Usually the way it is:  management plans things, oftentimes for years
in advance & the workers & their unions can only play catch-up.

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 July 2016

John Bradley is the vp Southern Region, and now it turns out David Dech
is his helper. Dech was previously his helper in Avon Yard, then his
helper on the Great Lakes Division, then was offered the Chicago
Division helpers job, turned it down to stay on Great Lakes, then got
booted out of the Great Lakes Division, went to Huntington, now is
booted out of there and has returned to.....Bradley's little helper.
Hey, it's good money and clearly doesn't require high level

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Name: new engineer
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years
Posted: 16 July 2016


OK old heads.  You got to help me out here.  I haven't been doing this
long so Im getting info that covers most of the new engines that are
coming out.   I got an old gp40-2 the other day that was a mother and
slug and paired up with a single motor. The single motor broke down and
left me with this 1981 model. It had the old amp gauges with the short
time rating. We were already over tonnage for it and they made us pick
up another 6,000 tons that put us over 11,000. Totally insane crap. The
rule book for train handling explains short time rating which was no
problem to figure out. The rule on avoiding speeds lower than
continuous minimum speed for the motor was the problem. There was no
charts given out for these old motors. There was nothing on the engine
anywhere that stated what the speed would be so I called the CSX
mechanical desk. WTF!!!!! They said they never heard of such a thing.
So I asked to talk to an old head mechanic. They put me on hold and
came back and said no one in the shop had ever heard of minimum
continuous speed before. Its right in the dang rule book under rule
5404. So I stopped the train and googled my motor for the info and
found it on a railroad buff site. Turned out to be 11 mph. Ran that
dang motor in 8 throttle at 6mph for awhile cause its all it would do.
I tried throttling  back to 7 off and on to stay out of 8 to give it a
break. The rules say to avoid continuous operations at speeds below
minimum cont. speed for the motor.
The rule doesn't say what throttle to avoid it.  Im guessing they mean
8. It doesn't say how long you can do it before you might burn up the
traction motors either!   Why in the hell didn't the mechanical desk
know what the hell I was talking about when its right in the rule book
in black and white.  You can find shit about it all over the internet.
This is a frickin joke. Can someone with some old time experience tell
me how to handle these motors in this situation when it happens again
because Im sure it will. With these extreme trains they are building in
length and weight, its going to happen again and I don't want to be
charged for burning up traction motors!

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Name: Geep
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 15 July 2016

Sounds like CSX and the train masters on the Great Lakes Division may
have some competition in the harassment and discrimination area.


According to the complaint, Freeman, who was hired by Kansas City
Southern as a conductor trainee Nov. 30, 2009, was subjected to a
hostile work environment, sexual harassment, retaliation and ultimately
termination for filing a complaint for discrimination and for seeking
accommodations following medical problems. 

The plaintiff alleges the defendant denied her medical treatment for a
work-related injury to her knee, deprived her of her rights and
privileges, and terminated her employment Sept. 18, 2012.

Freeman seeks a trial by jury, compensatory damages, attorney fees,
legal costs, expenses and such other relief the court deems just and
proper. She is represented by attorney Patricia A. Gilley of Gilley &
Gilley in Shreveport.

U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana Shreveport
Division Case number 5:16-cv-00936

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 11 July 2016

Really, we have mentioned it before. Do what it takes to get your
associate or bachelor's degrees (or higher) with the RR or military
paying as much as possible. The RR pushes some dubious obscure on line
colleges for some reason, although I know several connected folks in
JAX have gotten credits from them...possibly the easiest way to get a
degree. Use an Indiana RR address and go to Western Governors
University on line in Business or IT is probably the best overall way
to go. Anyway, if you get laid off, fired, forced out, etc. at least
you have a life boat. Even mediocre jobs that 10 years ago didn't need
a HS diploma strongly desire an associate or bachelors in ANYTHING to be
considered. On line and tuition assistance really helps, just like a
spare tire, gas can, fire extinguisher, or a rainy day fund at the
credit union. Quitting and borrowing $$ to live on campus really makes
no sense financially, but on line, while working, with tuition
assistance, is a real bargain. Even if you just get an extra year
credit and THEN you get fired / furloughed that still means one year
less on the street starving while finishing your degree for your city
weed inspectors job. If you go to court NMB etc. it MIGHT make you look
better / smarter / more credible.

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Name: Carl
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 July 2016


Article Confirms Railroad Culture of Retaliation
Oct 21st, 2015 @ 02:25 pm › Charlie Goetsch

Although it comes as no surprise to railroad employees, an
investigative article exposes for the rest of the country how railroads
continue to retaliate against workers who report safety hazards or
injuries. The article is entitled: For Big Railroads, a Carload of
Whistleblower Complaints and is published by FairWarning Reports.

The article notes that from October 2007 through June 2015, OSHA
figures show railroad workers filed more than 2,000 retaliation
complaints. And nationwide, during that period seven of the top ten
employers subjected to whistleblower retaliation complaints were
railroads, in the following order: BSNF 409; Union Pacific 360; CSX
267; Norfolk Southern 247; Canadian National 151; Amtrak 119; and Metro
North Railroad 102.

Here are some of the more notable points the article makes:

    The alleged violations defy a key intent of federal whistleblower
laws: to encourage employees who discover possible hazards to come
forward before an accident happens. The potential value of such an
early warning system is underscored by the deadly passenger rail
accidents and oil train wrecks in recent years. Joseph C. Szabo, who
headed the FRA from 2009 until this January, said industry supervisors
often are under “immense pressure” to curb costs by moving trains
quickly out of rail yards. That, in turn, translates into pressure on
rank-and-file workers “to ignore safety protocols and to just get the
damn train out of town.” That’s why, Szabo said, it’s “critically
important” that railroad workers are “very comfortable in doing the
right thing without any fear of retribution.”

    In 2012, amid widespread suspicion that railroads were under
counting injuries, in part by pressuring workers not to report them,
the industry dropped its 99-year-old annual Harriman safety award,
which was largely based on employee injury reports. Norfolk Southern,
which had won Harriman safety “gold award” 23 years in a row before the
honor was scrapped, was the target of 247 whistleblower complaints
during the nearly eight-year period tracked. That was the fifth-highest
total among all U.S. employers.

    Szabo, the former FRA chief, said railroads have embraced more
enlightened practices over the past decade or so, but management still
has elements of “a paramilitary structure, very much command and
control.” To this day, railroads remain discipline-minded. Operating
and safety manuals run hundreds of pages. Suspected violators,
including workers who get hurt, face internal investigations. Critics
still echo Congressional investigators who in 2007 found that railroad
companies, along with federal regulators, are “more oriented toward
assigning blame to a single individual, without a thorough examination
of the underlying causes that led that single individual to commit an

Here is the complete article. For more on the rights of railroad
whistleblowers under Section 20109 of the Federal Rail Safety Act, go
to the Rail Whistleblower Library.

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Name: Carl
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 July 2016



You can tell a lot about a workplace culture by how managers react to
employee safety complaints. Enlightened managers welcome safety
complaints, benighted managers suppress them. Enlightened managers view
such complaints as a valuable opportunity for improvement, and
underscore the first importance of safety by publicly thanking those
employees. Benighted managers view such complaints as a personal
attack. To them, protecting their insecure egos is more important than
safety. And so they lash out, finding a way to retaliate in order to
broadcast what happens when workers have the audacity to question their

Now comes OSHA with a Merit Finding against CSX that serves as a lesson
for such benighted railroad managers. When IBEW member JJ Giuliano got
fed up with the failure of CSX managers at the Selkirk Shop to address
longstanding safety complaints, he delivered a letter to Superintendent
Daniel Lisowski listing various violations of FRA safety regulations. In
OSHA’s words, it was “a very strongly worded letter” identifying
“serious safety hazards” and noting CSX’s managers “daily ritual of
placing production over all else, such as shop cleanliness, locomotive
quality, safety of its employees, and safety of the communities its
trains pass through.”

What was the response of the CSX managers? Instead of thanking
Giuliano, a few days later they cited him for not using a crosswalk
board and imposed a ten day suspension. This despite the fact another
employee who they saw doing the same thing was not cited. No one else
had been suspended for an O test before, and they ignored Giuliano’s
clean disciplinary record when imposing the suspension.

Giuliano filed a classic Federal Rail Safety Act Complaint. CSX
responded by arguing Giuliano’s letter was not protected under the
FRSA, a contention OSHA found “incredible.” OSHA’s investigation found
“reasonable cause to believe CSX violated the FRSA” and that punitive
damages are appropriate because “CSX Transportation, Inc. has
demonstrated a pattern of retaliation against employees who file FRSA
complaints.” OSHA ordered CSX to:

    pay punitive damages, plus all the attorney’s fees of Guiliano’s
    have all managers at CSX’s Selkirk Shop receive OSHA’s FRSA
    provide all new hires with information on their FRSA rights;
    expunge the suspension from Giuliano’s employment records;
    not retaliate against Giuliano for pursuing the FRSA complaint;
    post in a Notice at Selkirk Shop a Notice confirming CSX will not
retaliate or discriminate against employees who file FRSA complaints.

All CSX employees can thank OSHA for shining a spotlight into the dark
culture of CSX retaliation. Those of us who believe in rail safety can
only hope that one day all benighted railroad managers will finally see
the light.

Here is the full text of OSHA’s Merit Finding in Giuliano v. CSX
Transportation, Inc. For more information on the whistleblower rights
of railroad workers, go to the free Rail Whistleblower Library.

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Name: Carl
Employed as: APE, for 1-10 years
Posted: 10 July 2016

Here's a few links where the railroad got busted for messing with a
Whistle Blower


This is an excellent article: 

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