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Name: Retired now
Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 21 October 2017

And......back when each terminal had crew callers, before late 1987 &
they started consolidating that dept. -- it was ONE hour call.

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Name: history
Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 21 October 2017

Foamers. railbuffs, Public!

Conductor 30+ post brought back some memories from hell. If you didn't
quite understand his post let me help educate you.
when a crew was done working and marked off on their time ticket if
they worked less than 12 hours(11:59) they were subject to be called in
8 hours to return to work. This included the 2 hour call to order them
back to work. So in other words your phone would ring 6 hours after you
got home so they could tell you to come back in 8.
Now lets do some math here. Say you live in the parking lot in a
trailer. You mark off and walk to your trailer. Take 15 minutes to
shower and clean up. 15 minutes to prepare a meal and eat and 15
minutes to do what ever chores or other things needed(read mail,
contact family, etc..) and then give yourself 15 minutes to fall
asleep. You have now lost 1 hour of your 6 hours of rest you are going
to get before they call you to report in 8 hours. That's 5 hours left
to sleep. Think about all the people who lived 30 minutes to an hour
away. Those poor people were totally screwed if they were first or
second out for jobs being called back to back. If you worked over 11:59
you were allowed 10 hours rest. That meant you were called in 8 hours to
report back in 2 (10).  LUCKY SOULS! You were better off making sure you
worked for 12 hours or more. And you did not get any extra time added
back to the 10 hours rest like you do now.
How in the hell did the feds ever allow that to happen to railroaders.
No way in hell that happened to pilots or air traffic controllers.
Thank god after years of derailments and train crashes because
railroaders were just plain worn out that the feds had to do something
about it.  Now we get 10 hours of undisturbed rest. That means NO PHONE
CALLS until 10 hours are up. No calling us in 8 to tell us to come back
in 10. If we outlaw (12 hrs. on duty) we get time added to our 10 hours
rest for every minute we are out there until me mark off.  Say we are
stuck on a train waiting for a ride and it takes us 14 hours to get off
of it and get back to the yard. That will give us an additional 2 hours
to add to our 10.  Get the idea!  Best thing that ever happened to

So now you ask why the problem with the train line up schedules if we
finally get a few extra hours undisturbed rest? Say you come home and
you have only worked 11:59. You are going to get 10 hours rest.
Well,not really. Depends on how far away you live and how long it takes
you to do your chores, etc, as described above. Most people average 6-8
hours left over to sleep if they know they are going to go right back
out when their 10 hours are up. Before you go to bed you look at the
train line up schedule and you see 3 trains to run. You are 3rd out on
the pool so you assume you will get the 3rd train. That train in not
scheduled to leave until 15:00(3:pm) the next day!  YEAH!!! Now you
think you can stay up a little later and do laundry, shop, yard work or
if you have a family make the wife happy and do something with the kids.
The first train gets called, the second and now all the sudden the 3rd
train is getting called at 7 a:m!  WHAT THE HELL! How could the train
be called 8 hours earlier than scheduled. Better yet they throw a
different train on there that wasn't even on the schedule.  If you
think this doesn't happen then think again!  This has been going on
for years. On lets not forget the extra board men who don't work
pools. They are on call 24-7 until they get to their off day. This
happens to them all the time. Because of this if a person is 1st out to
be called you CAN NOT BE TO FAR AWAY FROM YOUR HOME. You are prisoner to
the phone and your house if you are first out on an extra board. They
pull unscheduled extra trains out of their hats all the time! I myself
have been in the middle or mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, getting
my hair cut, etc. and have been called short and surprised and have to
quit what Im doing and rush back home and finish later.  Yeah, we all
know railroading is a sucky business, but it is not so far behind in
technology that management cant figure out where their trains are and
when they will be arriving that they cant do a better job than what
they are doing. There is absolutely no excuse for any train to be
called 4-8 hours earlier than scheduled. No excuse for a train to show
up out of the middle of know where with no warning for the crew!
Railroaders base their whole lives on what they see on those schedules.
THE COMPANY KNOWS THIS! They don't care. Its the same junk every week,
every month, every year and no one seems the least bit interested in
hearing what we have to say! A lot of people in the public who don't
understand our issues think railroaders do nothing but complain and
bi...h 24 hours a day. Yes, there are those who do and will complain
about anything, but maybe it is because they have been conditioned to
react this way. Valid pay claims not paid, trains screwed up, hours
waiting for trains to show up while you sit in the crew room when you
could have slept a few more hours. Management breathing down your neck
to get out of the yard when they have done everything wrong so you
cant, improper paperwork, no locomotives ready and on and on and on! 
Now we aren't allowed to take turns taking a nap on the engines while
we wait for hours sometimes to move our train or get relieved. No more
using our phones on the locomotive while we sit for hours waiting.
Camera's on the engines watching our every move. Do railroaders
complain and bi...h?  You bet your bottom dollar. And for damn good
reasons. The company created the monsters not the crews!
So now you have a little more knowledge of our "making" over the
years. Some of the battles we have had to deal with and some we are
dealing with now. The next time you read a post from someone
complaining about the train line up schedules you will understand!

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Name: training
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 21 October 2017


Everyone is quite aware that the training qualification records for
that particular program is not correct for most T&E employees.  It has
not been since the very beginning. There were hundreds of crew members
who did not follow the instructions and never corrected anything or
submitted the corrections to a supervisor to fax to the CMC center.
That system notice came out and was effective Sept. 23, 2015. You can
view your entries and make a note of each one that is incorrect and
again submit them to your supervisor. The information for most crew
members in not correct and the CMC is well aware of this. To be quite
frank, I don't think you will be able to get yours corrected even if
you do submit it to the CMC. The program is not handled correctly. If
you want to protect yourself from being charged for refusing to take a
job that you know you are not qualified for or was never trained on to
begin with, I suggest you make a copy of the entries that are now
entered into your qualification status and correct them by hand. Submit
them to a supervisor and fax a copy to the CMC. Faxing it without a
supervisors signature will not do any good because they require a
supervisors approval for the changes, but it will show you made an
attempt to notify the CMC. If you are charged for refusal to work and
were not provided any chance of qualifying with a pilot you have a
better chance of winning your case if it goes to investigation. Again,
the CMC is well aware that a lot of the information that is documented
is incorrect.

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Name: HELP!!
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 20 October 2017


A couple of years ago the company came out with a bulletin that said we
had to complete an employee qualification screen that listed all the
jobs on the territory where we worked. There were a lot of jobs on
there that weren't in our territory or even on our division.  I did
the screen and gave a list to the supervisor on duty like the bulletin
said to.  I just looked at it and there are a ton of jobs on there that
show Im qualified on them and my expiration on them don't run out until
2019.  This is total bull because a lot of them I was never qualified
on. Not one single time. Some are on other divisions and some I
haven't even heard of the towns or yards they are in. Is this why they
keep calling us all hours of the night for jobs we aren't qualified on?
I thought the whole point of this screen we were supposed to complete
was to let CMC know where we are qualified so they could call the right
people.  This has to be one big joke.  I tried going in and deleting
stuff or remove dates but you cant do anything to the screen.  whats up
with this.  This stuff should be accurate.  It even has some jobs saying
my qualifications are good on jobs as an engineer.   What the hell!

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 20 October 2017

Well, Conductor 1-10:

We've bitched & complained about inaccurate train line-ups for years.
The Unions do try.  You should've been out there when it was only 8
hrs. max. off between tours of duty [if you weren't 12+ hrs. on duty
the previous day] & that time included the notification for work. 

The RRs have to be concerned regarding hrs. of service & whether  
you are rested [per the(newer)law-regulations] for a call to work.
They are not concerned with your personal quality of life - never were
& never will be. 
You are considered a lowly profit costing employee that should be
grateful just to have a job.

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Name: screwed as usual
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 20 October 2017

FRA HOS/Fatigue specialist

You people need to step in an do something about this damn train line
ups that CSX just cant seem to get straight!  HH thinks he so damn
smart, why don't you sit down with the geneous and see if he can
figure out how to teach the idiots in Jacksonville how to get train
line up information right on the crew screens. Every stinking day this
monkey outfit calls a train that's not listed on the lineup. Most of
the time its on the extra pools.  And if it isn't the trains are
called at a different times than listed. We all know he doesn't give a
rats butt about how we feel or how our lives are constantly disrupted by
their inept scheduling but our families do. The FRA has a fatigue
specialist that is supposed to be looking out for the best interest of
the public as well as the railroaders.  How can these idiot constantly
call us on short notice and expect us to be able to have any quality of
life or rest properly if they pull trains out of their butts we know
nothing about. This has been going on for so long its not even
laughable anymore. I know for a fact that crews have filed complaints
on these train line up problems.  There have been forms floating around
the yard offices for over 2 years now and not a damn thing has changed. 
Avon yard is one of the worse! They know these trains are out there.
There is no excuse for them not to be on the train lineup on the crew
screen. They probably wont be called on the time they are scheduled but
at least we know its out there somewhere and be ready for a call instead
of blindsided all the time. What the hell do we have to do to get a
handle on this. I know I'm not the only one sick of it.  Its like
beating a dead horse complaining to the Unions.  They aren't doing
dick about this.  There has got to be something the FRA can do about
this.  How much money do we have to collect from all the crews to get
into your pockets?  How big of a bride do we have to come up with! 
I'm sure the press would have a field day with this one if it got out
we were collecting money to bride you into doing something about this! 
Do your job and play ball with us!

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Name: No service
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 20 October 2017


It doesn't matter. The STB isn't going to do anything more than the
FRA does. NOTHING! There are customers who are lucky to get service
twice a week. Several are still a week behind. The power is so short
trains are backed up. Closing engine shops and sending locomotives
hundreds of miles down the road to be fixed screwed the hell out of the
yards. Minor repairs could have been done on site now crews have to wait
days for power to come back. Stupid idiotic move. The bottom line is the
customers don't really care. If they did they would be marching on
Washington. Their not because their hands are tied. Trying to change
their business to truck shipments will cost them a serious loss until
they can get contracts settled. Ask yourself why the STB isn't
hammering harder.  Answer..... $$$$$$$. Really curious if csx is giving
these customers a discount on service charges to keep them quiet and off
HH's back. Should be showing up in the books. Write it off as an loss
in profits due to operating cost.

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Name: Deez Nuts
Employed as: CSX Contractor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 19 October 2017

Hunter Harrison....what a great guy.

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Employed as: APE, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 19 October 2017

I wonder what cindy sanborn will do when she's passed over again to run
the railroad.i can see hunter putting this ken hunt in as ceo over
her.she PROBALY go postal especially after kissing hunters ass from day
one. I would pay money to see the bitches face when she found out she
was passed over. It be priceless, but I think she be better running csx
then a hunter crony.

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Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 20-30 years
Posted: 18 October 2017


Let me set the record straight. Your comment that you are unsure if you
can have your cell phone in your grip even if it is turned off is not a
correct assumption. For one, the company requires that you have a
secondary number if you need to be contacted via another phone. An
example would be if you were staying at your away from home terminal in
a hotel. If you are out to dinner, lunch, etc. they have to be able to
contact you. Crews can not be expected to stay by their phones in the
hotel as soon as they are rested. Many stay in the hotel several hours
if not 24 after they are rested. Second, you need an emergency contact
number. If you have a family and someone is injured or needs emergency
assistance then you need a way to be contacted when you are not at
home. If you are on a local job the same rule applies. The dispatcher
is to contact you via the radio and you need a way to contact your
family. Third, I have been told by numerous railroaders that the CMC
calls them on their cell phones in their hotel rooms instead of calling
the front desk and having the call transferred to the room. I am
assuming the callers have learned that the crews may not be in their
rooms and it saves them the time of having to make a second call. If
any manager tell you that you can not carry a phone with you in way,
shape or form then you need to immediately contact your union
representation and file a safety charge for not allowing you to be able
to be contacted or be able to contact any of your family members quickly
if an emergency situation arises. You also need to let them know that
they are not allowing you to be able to be away from your hotel rooms
without the fear of being miscalled. Everyone is well aware that train
schedules are never correct and "GHOST" trains are called out of the
blue. No one should expect any railroader to stay in his/her room by
the phone just because they are rested. If you have any issues with
this it would not hurt to talk to an attorney and find out what your
rights are in regards to your safety and your families ability to
contact you. You are not in an office environment. Can you imagine if
they came out with a law that all truck drivers could not have a cell
phone in their possession while driving their trucks. They had to find
one to use when they arrive at their destination? Im sure CSX has more
common sense than that. At least I would hope so.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 18 October 2017

Conductor 20-30 yrs.,

If there's an accident, they & the feds probably can & will look at
personal cell phone records.

Have to use a personal phone for company business?  NO.
[That is normally\usually done for convenience & no one should do
A supervisor of any type wouldn't have a leg to stand on if trying
to charge someone for not wanting to do such.

But, we all know how some of 'em can be = vindictive, act like real
a--holes - find something else, even if it's a trivial thing, to try &
charge someone with something.

An often used RR company quote:  "Be Governed Accordingly".

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Name: conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 18 October 2017


The crap is already starting.  Had a TM tell me he wanted me to call
him when we got to our first industry to service. I told him I left my
cell phone at home. It was the honest to got truth. He insinuated that
I was lying and just trying to be difficult because of the new cell
phone rules. I told him I didn't appreciate it and if he wanted me to
call him to get me a company phone to take. He said that I could use
the engineers phone it I wanted to.  I told him that he cant expect me
to ask the engineer to hand over his phone and use his minutes just
because the company couldn't find me a phone. He was livid. Told him I
would tell dispatcher and he could write down the info and he could
check in with the dispatcher.  He said forget it. Then he followed us
around most of the day. My union rep said to file ethics charges and
had me write out a statement as to what happened. I wrote the statement
but haven't filed the charges yet.  This crap is going to get real bad
soon. If this happens to you then write out your statements as fast as
you can and get them to your LC!

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Name: Ha
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 18 October 2017

Ewing and his bitches are just that's bring it bitches

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Name: BillyDee
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 17 October 2017

Eugene doesn't care about intermodal.   He's ran off plenty of
buisness.    He closed Caskey Yard and put a stop to ID runs.   He
doesn't give two shits about 10 years down the road only the now.  He
knows he won't be here anyway.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 17 October 2017

North Baltimore = relatively new (opened early 2011 & 
planned & built mainly for intermodal traffic).

New Castle & Willard = old RR terminals \ yards.

All three are on the ol' B&O RR line.  Will changing them that 
much work?

The big shots make plans & are supposed to for yrs. in advance.
Unions & their members have to play catch-up.

Would be interesting to read/see the minutes recorded from
the board of directors meetings.  Hope they're not screwing
up big time.

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Name: Doh!
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 17 October 2017

Willard is now switching trailer trains, the eastbound class yard is
being shut down entirely, rumored to get sold to wheeling. North
Baltimore closing, for real, selling cranes, or maybe moving them to
South Carolina. New castle getting 30-40 million in upgrades to handle
more freight. Good luck.

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Name: Joey the donut 
Employed as: Yard Master, for 20-30 years
Posted: 16 October 2017


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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 16 October 2017

Have been through a lot of these types of things.
If a person is going to report violations, they'd better get their
ducks in line per se; be correct, have documented proof, etc. Know for
sure.  Have seen very many penalty claims and/or regulation violations
submitted that were just about plain worthless.  Most won't do it all
because they're afraid of having a target on their back. Yeah, it can
be a chore to do it all correctly & it takes time; but that is what it
takes to beat the co. - it can be done - it has been many times before
- & the RRs hate that.

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Name: Retired now
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 16 October 2017

Title 49, CFR 228.  [Law - Rules - Regulations regarding Hrs. of
Service for RR employees.]
Unions have legislative depts. Those people are compensated pretty well
to handle such matters & are supposed to.  Call, write.

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Name: Conductor
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 16 October 2017


We all know you read this site everyday! So when you read this you are
being made aware that rules are being violated. Yeah, cant prove you
read it so cant charge you for not reporting to Washington but you know
what right!
Ha (poster) is 100% right. At least once a week you have to LIE on your
hours of service reports in order to get paid. You cant tell the truth.
A lot of times you cant report where you really were when your done
with your work or the real times that you did the job. Dead heads and
recrews are some of the worst, If you get 2 tickets(frickin miracle)
you run into problems with that too. One little trick they play to
screw up double tickets is to put a one minute difference in between
the off duty time on one ticket and on duty time on the next. The HOS
report screen wants to know what you did for that one minute and you
cant get it to take. Freezes the tickets up for days sometimes until
you can get it fixed. No one believes these crew callers don't know
what they are doing. They also don't put Taxi(deadhead) tickets in a
lot of time so you can show were you were working and how you were
transported. What if we were in a wreck in route to a train or from a
train? No dead head authority to report,

Now to the ON BOARDS! Management is back to making crews complete the
OBWO after they are OUTLAWED!  I remember reading an email that YOU PUT
OUT when they started using these devices. You specifically stated the
crews were not to do these reports after they were outlawed because it
is performing duties for the company and it was a violation of HOS! It
stated it was to be given to a supervisor to complete. You need to
recirculate this notice and refresh the memories of management.  With
the new bulletin out that takes effect on the 17th on restriction of
electronic devices, no one should be using this device after they are
outlawed. It also said that quick tie up of tickets was all that was
allowed when you were outlawed.

CREWS!!!!!  Quit doing the OBWO after you are outlawed. Your violating
hours of service and using an electronic device that belongs to the
company after you are outlawed. If they threaten you for not finishing
it for them CALL THE FRA AND REPORT IT! Wait to tie up your ticket.
Don't tie up and then finish it. Don't put your time off as 12 hours
either. You put the TRUTH! When it ask who ordered you to stay on duty
after you were outlawed and why to tell the truth! Say you were forced
to complete the OBWO device for management. Quit being chicken sh...
and start standing up for what's right. You want this target crap to
stop then start banning together and do what's right!

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