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    CSX likes to picture itself as a company where all of it's employees, customers, and contractors are treated with the highest levels of courtesy, professionalism, and respect. The employees, customers, and contractors know differently....

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Name: From Csx famalies
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 December 2016

To the BLE and SMART officals: Hope you have a shitty Holiday season and
a lousy 2017. Assholes

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Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 30+ years
Posted: 08 December 2016

Are the blue collar\working class trump fans paying any attention to
the us president-elect's cabinet choices?  Look out...........

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Employed as: Crew Dispatcher, for 30+ years
Posted: 08 December 2016

Laughing Conductor for 1-10 yrs.:
Interesting post, the long 1st part.  Normally, usually, - the vast
majority of the time, train crew members prefer & want "flip trips",
especially during holidays.

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Name: laughing
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 07 December 2016


IF you really are from corporate (which I highly doubt) then why in the
hell don't you get off your ass and get out here and see what is really
going on. There is so much idiotic crap going on it will make your head
spin.  Want a good example?  No? Well your going to get one!   the
reason the company is so damn broke is because they will spend a
million just to save a dime. 
They got 3 trains running to an away from home terminal and there ARE
NO CREWS CHECKED INTO THE HOTEL!  They turn all three crews back home
and no one is there to protect scheduled trains. Six hours later they
order a dead head from the home terminal to come down and flip on a
train that was clearly on the schedule. It takes over 3  hours for the
crew to deadhead to the train. The crew has 2 hours to report so
that's over 11 HOURS TO GET TO THE DAMN TRAIN.  Now if they would have
put one of the crews into the hotel they would have been rested for the
train. Now they got 2 crews to pay and a deadhead trip which everyone
knows cost them more than the hotel charges to put them up for 10
hours.  What kind of idiotic moron would think that this is good
business.  I could give you a million examples of the stupid wasteful
spending you nut jobs do every single day. And guess who pays for it. 
Answer this one. How can a supervisor write up a conductor for
accidently leaving a lock off a switch after he threw it to use it for
a switching move when this same supervisor has been told a dozen times
that another switch right next to it cant be locked because the latch
hole is broke on one side and wont hold a lock?  That switch is still
sitting there 3 month later broken and on a main line. YOU LEAD BY
Happy frickin merry Christmas.   Enjoy YOUR BONUS IN LAS VEGAS!

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Name: Trump America
E-mail: drainDswamp.com
Employed as: APE, for N/A
Posted: 07 December 2016

To All Train Crews:

Your corrupt union bosses is ripped for a Swamp Draining from the
ground up. Methodically work your way up to the top and don't like
back. It's now or never!!!

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Name: Hogger
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 06 December 2016

Any news??? 
Haven't heard one thing  about our bonus this year.  Not one letter in
the mail either.  What the hell is going on. how we supposed to decide
how we want to invest it  in time if we don't have any idea how good
or bad it's going to be. What a frickin joke this company is.  We have
to be getting something. Remember our bonus is based on what management
gets. They aren't going to screw them out of everything. But then they
could pull off  another TEAM BUILDING EXCURSION TRIP like they did a few
years ago and give then a big fat spending allowance. Nothing like cash
in the pocket to gamble or play paint ball!

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Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 05 December 2016


  Usually, a company tries to improve instead of maintain or revert to
bad business practices including mistreatment of it's own employees.
I've heard of this happening in corporations but it usually happens
right before a hostile take over. They intentionally drive down the
value of that corporation making it a great deal with potential to
improve to new investors. These people are paid by the hostile company
to gain employment, (infiltrate) the host company, incorporate bad long
term business practices convincingly made to sound good and sometimes
give the "credit" to current execs, making these plans more easily
deployed. This is sometimes a lengthy process taking several years to
inflict the damage to the company's reputation. Ideas of plant
closures, down sizing are usually one of the last steps before the
ultimate blow is delivered. One of those is to recommend a fire sale of
stocks at the last minute due to "bleak" future outlook for the
company (self inflicted). That's when the hostile take over is
executed. The sudden revelation of "cooking the books" on the
financials will be "mysteriously" exposed. Usually the stock value
will be at a higher level, higher than the previous 3-4 quarters before
the news of the deteriorating company reputation has hit the current
stock holders which will encourage the sale of the stocks. The media
will run the story and the stocks will begin to tank. The stock holders
will hold an emergency meeting and they will decide to sell before the
bottom drops completely out, then the take over will be complete.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 25 November 2016

Does anyone know of a way of getting the attendance records of the
management turds? It's a public corp. I would like to open up a line
of communication with the subject of holding the management "Team"
lol,responsible for following same "Core Values " and " Ethics "
that are require of all the REAL People that Actually DO the LABOR that
brings in the funds that pays their Ridiculous Salaries and Bonus's.
These lazy jerks have been making TO MUCH off of OUR BACKS, And
dictating for TO DAMN LONG on how WE,AS FREE Human Beings Should
arrange our lives to make them the money they desire. This so called
"Management Team " should Show US,(the REAL People) that Do the REAL
Work just what the Hell THEY ( The So Called Team ) Produce to receive
the ridiculous paycheck they do. I have experienced and witnessed AND
believe that this so called "Management Team" is a Hindrance on the
future of the REAL Success of CSXT. This so called "Team" is a
parasite on ALL of the REAL and TRUE Workers that make this Company the
"Small Success" it is now. Cause if this company had the true
Leadership,the True Ethics and The True Core Values the substandard
"Team" spouts all the time ( and never delivers ) It would be ABOVE
and on TOP of the WHOLE Industry. 

DAMN Shame I'm to Freaken Old to leave.

In layman's terms, We, The True Workers of CSXT are being lead by a
bunch of Greedy , Unprofessional , Uncaring , Selfish , Self-centered ,
Unethical Small minded people. And Our so called Union's are either in
it with them OR to damn Wimped Out to stand up and make things right. 

To the subjects of this rant, Sleep Well You Worthless,Greedy Idiots,
I'm sure that your Children and Grandchildren would be Very Proud of
the High Character you hold yourselves to. And we all look forward in
dealing with them when they grow up, ( at some point )

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Name: T&E guy Albany Division
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 30+ years
Posted: 24 November 2016

Forbes Magazine article on 10 unmistakable signs the company you are
interviewing for is a bad company to work for. CSX pretty much hits all
10 bad company policies. But No. 4 is right on the mark!

Progressive Discipline

If the handbook talks about Progressive Discipline, get out of Dodge
immediately! You are an adult. You are not a wayward third-grader who
needs to worry about getting sent to the principalís office.
Progressive Discipline policies that line out the punishments employees
will receive for a first infraction, second infraction, etc. are
holdovers from the Industrial Revolution and have no place in the
Knowledge Economy we are working in now.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 16 November 2016

Legal, Friend or Family..........
Surely you don't believe anyone in the csx medical dept. can be
trusted any more than anyone in the rest of their management.

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Name: Legal
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 November 2016

Attention all Crews

If you have any doubts on what will be medically covered if you must
mark off sick for a doctors appointment or procedure ordered by you
physician, call the CSX medical department and they will explain to you
what is covered.  It has just come to our attention that several
employees were not aware that colon cancer testing is covered as an
excused exam/illness if you mark off sick to have this done. DO NOT BE
AFRAID TO MARK OFF SICK. You should be allowed no less than 48 hours
off for the procedure. Just recently an employee complained that he had
taken the medication that was necessary to flush the system but was not
aware of how potent the liquid would be. He did schedule the following
day off to have the procedure done. When he was called that morning he
contacted the Chief and the dispatcher requesting he be dead headed
home after arriving at his away from home hotel.He had several giggle
and snicker from both officers and was told they who see what they
could do. Later that evening several crews were dead headed in front of
him and he was left to take a train home. We was unable to do his job
safely and with full attention because he was in the Locomotive
bathroom more than he was in the cab.   DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES
COME TO WORK if you have taken anything of this nature. The behavior of
the supervisors towards this employee was deplorable and should never go
unreported. This may have been a funny incident to them but it was not
to the reporting employee. Again, if you have any doubts whether a
medical procedure will be covered if you mark off sick call the CSX
medical department.

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Name: ???
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 16 November 2016


Has anyone heard anything about the engineer bonus we are probably not
going to get?  Not a thing in the mail yet?  Seems like we got one of
those blow hard letters last year bragging on how good we did  BUT not
good enough for us to get a 100% bonus. Is there any hope for a good
bonus this year. Seems with the god awful engineer shortages and the
extra boards cut to an all time low they should have saved a fortune.
We work our fingers to the bone and never get to stay home you would
think they would pay us a good one!

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Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 14 November 2016

Dog Caught:

Union members do need to be aware that union officer salaries/expenses
have to be reported via US Department Of Labor reports annually.

Members (via dues) provide the full timers with health insurance & also
a union pension - which supplements their RR Retirement. They
work office type hrs. with weekends & holidays off with no attendance
policy & probably have other perks.

For all that - more should be expected & demanded from them.

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Name: Dog Caught
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 14 November 2016

Re; UP Anonymous it looks like you have DW (Bill) Hannah in mind. He is
compensated more that the international president.

www.http://unionfacts.org ...The site will allow you too review the
compensation of any union officer just by searching for your
Division or Local [charter] number.

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Employed as: APE, for N/A
Posted: 12 November 2016

To The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers & Trainmen:

You must investigate the (UP)Western Lines General Committee and the
Local Divisions within the committee. You can start by closely
examining the books. And then you will discover that some of the local
committee officers/members are compensated inconsistent with the bylaws
of the constitution. On average, committee officers are compensated 5
times the national average, and over and above compensation by the
General Committee (Vote awards to the GC). A local legislative rep.
with less than two hundred members earning over forty thousand
His combined salary is well over one hundred thousand dollars.

If "INDEPENDENT AUDITORS" reach back five years prior, you will
notice the pattern. How can this blatant money grab from the membership
not be noticed?!

It is also well known that the Committee will turn a blind eye
targeting employees for the benefit of personal gains for corrupt

History indicates that Railroads collapse when union officers failed to
hold management accountable for safety and the overall well being of its
members it is entrusted to uphold.... Hence, the Southern Pacific
Railroad no longer exist.

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www.CSX-Sucks.com - Sticking it to the man since 2001

Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 12 November 2016

The 48 hr. bump (rule, whatever) stemmed from the 1996 National Contract
\ Arbitration Award #559.  Article #12.  Article #12 and the Q&As
associated ALSO stipulate that if you wish to make a seniority move to
a location 30 or more miles away, the 48 hr. rule does not apply and
then can refer to prior practice(s). (Have to call & notify the co.)  

Has csx managed to somehow sidestep the agreed to contract provisions?
Have there been changes/revisions the rank & file is not aware of?
If not, then it's time for a class-action lawsuit and/or strike.

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www.CSX-Sucks.com - Sticking it to the man since 2001

Name: Legal
Employed as: Friend or family of employee, for N/A
Posted: 12 November 2016


Everyone who has accrued points through the cap system and was not made
aware from the company that this particular practice was going to become
effective as on October 25th should first send a petition to their
General Chairman's office demanding that they file an appeal with the
International in behalf of all members. The company failed to notify
the employees that a disputed past practice that was allowed to happen
(48 hour rule) was no longer valid and negotiations with their union
had resulted in the enforcement of the 12hr 1 min. rule. IT IS NOT the
sole responsibility of the union to notify its members that the carrier
will be enforcing the language in the availability policy that had been
under dispute. The carrier is legally bound to notify its employee's
of any change in work conditions that may/will result in the said
employee's work or discipline history becoming a threat to their
continued employment. If points have been accessed to your records
these points can impact your continued employment with the company.
These points are considered a form of discipline.  Even though the
original plan included the procedure of using the 12 hr. 1 min. rule,
it was not being enforced because it violated the written rule in the
union agreement allowing a 48 hour procedure for "making a move"
after being displaced. The Union and carrier argued the
meaning/interpretation of the rule and apparently it had been settled
with the carrier having won the dispute.  The carrier is bound to
notify all its employee's  of the outcome and the date that the 12hr 1
min. rule would become set in stone.  All members should file an appeal
to the operations department of the carrier and file a petition with
their local demanding that corrective action be taken. The carrier(CSX)
has a horrible reputation of notifying its employees of any upcoming
rule changes by means of the "RUMOR" mill system.  This practice has
been in place for many many years and employees have become accustomed
to it.  This is not a legal means of notification. Gossip and rumors
are not legal and binding. Now is the time to challenge this practice
and put and end to it once and for all.

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Name: Dong Bageley
E-mail: MikeyWardsyesman@csx.com
Employed as: M of W, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 November 2016

CSX says they hire veterans and likes veterans; however, Division
engineer John Fortune does not like veterans. He fires or runs off
veterans such as Scott King and Andrew Young. Fortune needs to be ran
off because he is a micro manager and vindictive. Don't cross Fortune
or he will run you off.

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Name: VLC
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 November 2016


You are absolutely right. The UTU is very aware this pattern is
happening again. We had a form several years ago that we used to report
the excessive failures and their "BOGUS" interpretations. The pattern
has been developing again and seems to have started when the school was
shut down and instructors were forced to go back in the ranks. It also
happens when new TM's are in the yards training. Most of the time it
is a new supervisor in training that did not come out of the field
first. For some reason they seem to have a problem using common sense.
We have been discussing this situation and will hopefully have a plan
put into action soon that will take care of this problem.  Thank you
for your post. It is nice to see that someone has some common sense and
supports fair and accurate reporting in the field!

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Name: HELP
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 11 November 2016

UTU brothers

Did anyone find anything in writing from the company stating they were
enforcing the 12 hr 1 minute rule to mark up after being displaced.  I
keep hearing they lost the 48 hour rule a couple of months ago and the
union agreed to enforce the rule.   I didn't get a single email or
letter. No notice or anything that this was going to take place October
25th.  I got a bunch of points 2 weeks ago because I didn't know this
had been settled. If the company was going to start putting points of
your caps then how come their wasn't a system notice of bulletin out
on it. We have been looking for 3 days now and we cant find it in
writing. I didn't get anything in the mail either. I marked back up
every single time within 24 hours but that was too late.  I don't
think this is fair that the company can ruin your record like that
without giving everyone a fair notice that we lost our union agreement
rule and would be enforcing their language in the availability policy!

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