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Name: Sobo lady
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 30+ years
Posted: 10 May 2012

I love reading some of these stories.  CSX hasn't changed a bit.  I was
so lucky that my doctor got me out of that hell hole.  They treat
employees pathetic.  I was a clerk in the GOB.  If you really want to
see some kiss butt jerks hang out there a while.  I use to love working
at the railroad.  Now their agenda is get them.  Mikey boy would try to
make you think he cares.  If you're young, take advantage of the
tuition refund program.  Let CSX pay for your education and get out of
there.  They have figured out if they keep hiring new people, we don't
have to give them 5 weeks vacation, 3 weeks sick pay or personal leave
days.  Than they harress senior employees.  No laws against seniority
discrimination and CSX knows as long as they hire a couple of older
people they can get around age discrimination laws.  Sure hope those
guys on the 15th floor on Water Street have been practicing threading
that camel through the eye of a needle.  Keep up the post.  It's very
entertaining now that I don't have to tolerate those a-holes.  God
bless and good luck.

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