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Name: teacher
Employed as: Employed in other capacity, for 1-10 years
Posted: 04 May 2012

Shattered Dreams

Hang on!  The company expects there to be a shortage after furloughs.
The longer employees are furloughed, the better chance they have of
loosing them because they found work elsewhere. when it comes time to
call everyone back, a shortage will be created therefore creating a
need for more employees to be run through the school.  Im guessing you
are not military or you would have been saved. Military pays for the
first year salary and training. A TURNOVER IS A MUST! It has been
pointed out on this site numerous times that the company needs a
turnover rate in order to keep the revolving door spinning at the
school and the grants for new hires coming in.  The order is to get rid
of all old heads that can leave, protected employees who are costing the
company several thousands a year with old grandfathered perks and the
lower 1% of new hires in each class. As long as the school is open
there will be a mandatory order to get rid of people to make holes for
the new ones. You can not flood a market with employees and not have a
turnover rate. It is a must.  So if you really want to work on the rr
then you need to hang in there and let them "run off" and fire as
many as they can. You will eventually move up quick.

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