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Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years
Posted: 04 July 2012

Heavy D

 I completely understand where you are coming from on some of your
comments, but at the same time I have to defend the employees who have
just "lost it" and have just had enough.   Day after day of being
exposed to an unstable enviornment can change a person. How many times
does an employee have to come to work and print out his earning
statement to find out that once again he has been denied pay on a claim
that they know is good and now you have to fight for it(a claim that has
been settled as good just to be denied over and over) How many times do
you have to get on an engine that smells like the dead end of a rotten
carcass and be told the other engine has a working toilet, use it! How
many times do you have to make phone calls to get someone to fix the
mistakes made on your paperwork(as usual). You know what I am talking
about. The company has to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  I
myself have come to work in a positive mood just to have it ruined
because the paperwork is not there, then when we do get it somethings
wrong with it. Then when I get on the power the seats wont adjust
properly for my height or you cant get it close enough to the control
stand to be able to use back support! The independant is blowing air
into the cab so loud its hurts your ears(not vented out of the cab).You
try to use ear plugs but you cant because your junk radio squeels or
cracks when you recieve a transmission and you have to turn it almost
all the way down to understand half of what is being said!  You start
your trip and the lateral motion almost makes you sick and the air
doesnt get the point.....I dont know what your additude
might be but sometimes Im ready to kill someone when I get to the other
end! When I get called out to come home all I can do is pray that I get
something good, Something clean, something halfway comfortable and
working properly. I pray that I make it to retirement without losing

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