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Posted: 31 July 2012

Reality Checker

The value of corrupt union officers to rail carriers can be enormous if
claims are not paid: Imagine 200 union officers system wide (both te&y
unions), not processing claims and the combined claims are worth $1
Million annually from just ONE (1) division or local. 

That's $200 Million in extra earnings for the carriers!
When any CEO from any company cut wages from employees; a majority of
the money scammed from the workers, goes right into the pockets of the
CEOs. The CEOs are paid so much; and create "Trust Funds" for family
and extended families (see 10k report) from the money/claims that
should have paid to employees. A majority of "Trust Funds" that are
set up, are more than the annual salary of the employees scammed!

Anyone can research any salary of any CEO from any publicly traded
company...over any significant (10 years) period of time. Anyone!
Then you will see that rail CEOs had a significant increase in earnings
the last ten years. Maybe ask your union officer for an opinion or ask
how much s/he got paid in "Denied Claims." They more than likely
did[get their claims paid], because that's how the scams started!
"Goggle Finance" offers a detail information on insider 
transactions company officers) for publicly traded companies.


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