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Employed as: Conductor, for Less than 1 year
Posted: 03 May 2012

In December 2011 I was interviewed for conductor trainee and was offered
the job.  We were told about upcoming retirements and many positions
opening, including management. In their job description for conductor
it stated the position was full time, average salary, 43K a year. 
Having graduated from the REDI in Atlanta after 6 weeks intensive
studying and maintaining a 94 average I reached my home terminal only
to be told that when my OJT was over, I would be laid off.  The folks I
worked with are the best most knowledgeable group of railway people and
the work interesting and enjoyable however, why in the world would CSX
hire so many new people only to lay them off.  Many of the old heads
can't hold a permanent job. The company reports records profits.  I
simply do not understand.  I suppose this is how corporate America
works.  Very disappointing news.  I am looking elsewhere for full time

Shattered Dreams

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