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    Safety is the first priority. Er, or is it the second, after money.... Or the third after getting the trains out....

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Name: yardmaster
Employed as: Yard Master, for 10-20 years
Posted: 28 July 2016


What does it matter???   He left avon so many years ago most people
don't even remember who he was. Some reason you need to look him up?
Sure you can find out from a trainmaster.

Need to worry more about who we got on the grounds now. Like that total
mess named Edwards who cant go back to Chicago and cant go anywhere
Kosner went either. Must have something on someone to still be hanging
in there.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 28 July 2016

Does anybody know where that fat fuck piece of shit Brian Barr is

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 28 July 2016

as I recall, several years ago Matt Long mentioned that CSX were on the
3rd major replacement of the AC system. At the time he was assigned
responsibility for working with contractors on repairs. There are many
failures in Building 5, design flaws, safety issues, etc. I wonder if
the similar building 5's throughout the system have the same issues? I
always thought the heat / ac failures were a result of undersized units,
poor air control, and a desire to regulate temperature in the management
section and just let the crew areas go to hell. BTW anyone know what
Matt Long is doing now?

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Name: cond.
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 28 July 2016


We all understand that you are just trying to be cute. It was a little
at first but now you are just annoying. Its obvious you are a foamer an
don't work for the railroad or you would have posted something that
really meant something to all of us by now. We get your political
agenda. If you really want to help the real railroaders you would go to
capital hill and make a stance there. Do something crazy to draw
attention to yourself. when they arrest you then you can tell them what
your motive was for being there. Would make for a great press release!

Still no working AC in the crew room at avon yard. Working just fine in
the supervisors offices!

Locomotives still being run around the engine house without being
inspected and cleaned after arriving in the yard off the road. Several
still have broken AC or none at all. 
Several locals out on the road are being forced to work with old
outdated locomotives that not only don't have ac but don't have fans
110 degrees heat index in the cab is to high and at a serious danger
level. Does someone have to die first to get this problem fixed???

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Name: Management 
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 27 July 2016


If you waked out of the Democratic National Convention you will be
brought up on charges.

That is not the way we show support for our candidate Hillary Clinton.

Note: Why do we post political messages on the Safety First topic?

"Better Safe than Sorry" 

If you are caught doing anything, ANYTHING against our candidate
Hillary Clinton you will be SORRY.

Have a safe day,

Yesterday's meal is tomorrow's movement.

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Name: same
Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 27 July 2016


Its the same for everyone who has to deal with them now. There is no
way that the famous mickey ward knows what the hell is going on down
there. I had to wait on hold for 45 minutes or more several times. They
are talking about outsourcing their jobs and I think they are doing it
on purpose because they are pissed. It is no way to run a business. If
they are trying to reach you for a job they seem to answer the phone
faster. I heard it was because they are screening all the calls and
they identify where the number is coming from. If they don't answer
your call after 10 minutes and then try to miss call you then you can
charge them with an ethics violation for deliberately not honoring your
right to return their call in 10 minutes.  Someone also told a bunch of
us that a crew caller told them if they don't want to answer a call
they just transfer it to a desk where no one is sitting and let it ring
over there. I can believe it!  I got one of those one time. My phone
wrang over 100 times. I know damn well no one is going to sit there and
listen to a phone ring that many times.  Head of crew management needs
to be fired for not doing his job as a manager!

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Employed as: APE, for 20-30 years
Posted: 27 July 2016

2 wall st. journal articles, last 2 days. yesterday said oil pipelines
are finally catching up with fracking locations so expect a very
permanent reduction in demand for oil trains, tank cars, etc. Pipelines
don't go to east and west coast as much, but follow normal oil routes.
Other article said CSX was planting a tree for every retail stockholder
that voted, since they usually voted with the company, whereas bulk
owners / controllers of stock were usually unfriendly / trying a
takeover, etc.

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Name: Hadenough
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 26 July 2016



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Employed as: Conductor, for 10-20 years
Posted: 25 July 2016

A company that abuses any system the FRA or unions put in writing
intimidation and harassment is all there about put fear in hard working
men it going to hit um in the ass some day I work here and to be honest
they don't even pay you for a day's work they Denie you  its has be
illegal to not pay a man his day work this is why unions got started
they think we're Chinese workers like  the 1800 read your history FRA
it's back to then they play the system to drag it on so us employees
should be made like  animals bury you when there done  1800 I'm tellna
 ya read the history

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 25 July 2016

Who or whoever this person is that posts on this site - with the
monikers: Name - management & employed in corporate office: just has to
be totally brain dead AND\OR is controlled by company dicks. An actual
real person that has any common sense at all and would post\type that
kind of nonsense is someone that desperately needs help.  That gig, as
we know, is just to try to be disruptive & will be ignored. 

Safety First?  Truly -- not the company's BS rhetoric.
"Harassment" award csx should win. No way a "Harriman award".

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Name: Management
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 25 July 2016


Do not pay attention to the Bernie Sanders protests against Hillary
Clinton due to the DNC email scandal.

There's nothing to see. Return to work and just worry about getting
those trains out. 

Also, ignore the broken air conditioning that issue should resolve its
self in a few months.

Have a safe day,

Today's meal is tomorrow's movement.

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Name: brakestick
Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 24 July 2016

Cond. 30

I think "management is one of those company moles that we keep being
warned about. He might be distracting but those of us who have half a
brain know just to ignore it and stick to the problems at hand. They
are so short of conductors on the great lakes division that all the
trains are getting out not only hours late but sometimes a day late. 
they are running the yard conductors into the ground in the heat of the
day. The AC hasn't worked in that new expensive building they bought
for over 2 months. Its crazy hot down in the crew rooms but they got
nice cool offices upstairs in all the tm and supervisors offices. What
the hell is wrong with this company.

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Employed as: Conductor, for 30+ years
Posted: 24 July 2016

Jesus H. C-----!  
Is this the "Safety First" OR the "Political Opinions First"
forum\section of this website?

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Name: Guilty or Innocent
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 24 July 2016


Why don't you look at this link.   A link where Hillary's mentor
Obama promises to bankrupt the Coal companies.   

You keep pushing for Hillary to win this election, and maybe she will. 
If that happens, then maybe we employee's will get our wish, now that
CSX has become such a miserable place for everyone to work.  

Seriously, who wouldn't want to see the demise of this company as
it's sold off to every other railroads that pay more than CSX does,
treats their employees better, and doen't practice the whip and beat
mentality that CSX uses with all of their employees, management
included.  How many tears do you think would be shed at the firing of
Mikey Ward and Tony Ingram's protege Cindy Sanborn when this railroad
is split up and sold off to other railroads?  After all it has been
under Mikey Ward's leadership that Tony Ingram was hired.  Then Ward
had Cindy mentor under Ingram in order to satisfy his ego and win the
Harassment Award.   I mean Harriman Award. This partnership and
mentorship has forced CSX to stop focusing on moving freight, and
instead focus on making money by training new employees by collecting
all of that Obama Training Money, then firing the older workers that
receive 100% pay.  

Today my job isn't to move freight, as CSX is successfully running
business off this and many other lines.   Today my job is to follow the
rules and collect a paycheck.  Freight be damed.

Oh don't forget to vote for Hillary, Obama's protege.   She hates
Coal, Coal fired electricity plants, and wants to perminately close
down all Coal Mines and fire all of the Coal Miner's.  


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Name: Management 
Employed as: Corporate office, for 10-20 years
Posted: 24 July 2016


This just came out. If anyone is caught watching or talking about this
movie you will be brought up on charges.

We cannot afford this movie getting out it could cost us everything.


Have a safe day,

Yesterday's meal is today's movement.

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Name: repair
Employed as: Car repair, for 10-20 years
Posted: 24 July 2016


WASTED YOUR TIME AT AVON...All those cars you bad ordered got
reclassified to be repaired somewhere else and went out on the trains
any way.   GUESS THE JOKES ON YOU! Just wasted your time. Score 1 for
csx... score 0 for the FRA!    HA HA

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Name: Guilty or Innocent
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 24 July 2016

Hey Management,

I'm guessing from reading the many post you put on here, supporting
Hillary Clinton for President, that you want what the employees wanted
back in 2008 when they supported and helped several members of the
Children's Fund get on CSX's Board of Directors.   The Children's
Fund promised, if they were able to get enough people on the Board to
split up and sell off sections of CSX to other railroads.  Management
under Ward / Ingram was terrible at best.  The employees at that time
weren't use to being treated as less than human, like they've grown
accustomed to today under Ingram's protege, Cindy Sanborn.  While at
one time many employee's may have liked working for CSX, that was no
longer the case after Ward hired Ingram, and Ingram implemented his
Management by Fear mentality across CSX  The employees were fine with
the idea of killing the company, if it meant getting rid of the current

After taking the time to read your many post, supporting Hillary
Clinton and the Democratic party, it sounds like you want what the
employees wanted back in 2008.  The demise of CSX, and for it to be
split up and sold to any other railroad.

CSX's life blood was "Ole King Coal".  Under the Obama
Presidency,and Hillary's mentor, Obama said " if you want to build a
coal plant, go ahead.  You're just going to go bankrupt doing so". 
Hillary told the West Virginia Coal Miner's "Your Fired". This is
the person and political party you say that CSX supports.

Without Coal, CSX has shut down rail yards in several states and
combined Divisions.  CSX's stock has fallen, and the chances of it
going up like other railroads stock has, under its current Management
is slim and none.   Both employees and members of Management are on the
street, and the future doesn't look as bright as it one did for CSX,
before both Hillary Clinton and President Obama forced power plants to
switch from Ole King Coal to Natural Gas.

I've placed a few links below that range from 2008, when Obama
promised to put the Coal companies out of business, to the present when
Hillary Clinton steals Donald Trump's line and tells the West Virginia
Coal Miner's "You're Fired".

Flashback 2008: Obama Promised To 'Bankrupt' Coal Companies | The
Daily ...
The Daily Caller › 2015/08/03 › flashbac...
Mobile-friendly - Aug 3, 2015 - “So if somebody wants to build a
coal-powered plant, they can; ... I say about whether coal is good or
bad,” Obama said in 2008. ... coal power plants, you know, natural gas,
you name it ...

Obama Called for Bankrupting Coal Fired Power Plants - YouTube
YouTube › watch
Video for did obama say if you build a coal plant today, youll go
Duration: 2:05
Posted: Nov 3, 2008

Obama: We'll bankrupt any new coal plants « Hot Air
Hot Air › archives › 2008/11/02 › obam...
Mobile-friendly - Nov 2, 2008 - So, if somebody wants to build a coal
plant, they can — it's just that it ... matter as opposed to saying if
technology allows us to use coal in a ... It's just that it will
bankrupt them. .... I think he did a fine job, but you be the judge.
Ohio coal industry says Obama promised to bankrupt coal-fired power
plant ...

Hillary Clinton Has A Message For Coal Miners: You're Fired - The
thefederalist.com › 2016/03/14 › hillary-...
Mobile-friendly - Mar 14, 2016 - “If somebody wants to build a
coal-fired power plant, they can. It's just that it will bankrupt
them,” Obama said. .... Michael Mann has let his lawsuit go by the
wayside as did ... You just made sure you will not become President.
The Williamson Daily News | Federal funds to aid layoff-hit Appalachian
coal ...

The Williamson Daily News › news › fed...
Mobile-friendly - Mar 18, 2016 - Obama set out to bankrupt coal fired
plants and they took it ... any different than it does today, YOU are
the clueless one. ... What Obama said was that if you built new plants
with the old ...

Obama's Following Through With Promise to Bankrupt Energy Companies
dailysignal.com › 2016/04/15 › obamas-...

Mobile-friendly - Apr 15, 2016 - The Force Is Not With You: Government
Rules Could Land Star .... If somebody wants to build a coal power
plant, they can, ... But in reality, when it does go under Obama will
be gone ...

Coal companies have been scorched under Obama - Aug. 3, 2015
CNN.com › money › investing › coal-ob...

Mobile-friendly - Aug 3, 2015 - Several companies have gone bust. ...
gas is killing coal: Coal's downfall has been in the making for a long
time. ... Demand for "thermal" coal, used to fire power plants, has
... Debt-fueled marriages go bust: But that's not all.

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Employed as: Brakeman, for 20-30 years
Posted: 24 July 2016

with record heat, high humidity and dew points in the 70s on csx
northern region, csx terminal managers and train masters thinks its ok
to keep crews working 4 to 5 plus straight hours outside without a
break. even thought this quarters safety video is about working in the
heat outside safely. all trainmasters who do this ought to be ashamed
of themselves who put productivity and car counts over employee safety
and wellbeing. unfortunately this practice will continue until some one
has to got to the hospital with heat exhaustion or die from heat stroke
and I hope then someone sues the shit ought of this shit hole company.
I don't know how you southern boys do it working in this oppressive
heat, but I got a lot more respect for yous now.

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Name: news
Employed as: Car repair, for 1-10 years
Posted: 23 July 2016

News flash

Fra does their job and shops bad cars at Avon delaying several trains.
This is the second major hit since the company let several car
inspectors go to reduce the work force. Pressure to get trains out with
limited car inspectors is increasing the amount of bad cars out running
on the rails.  Fra inspectors are aware and are being pressured to do
their jobs and stop damaged cars from leaving the terminals. Several
derailments can be tied to bad cars with faulty equipment. The public
is demanding explanations and the pressure is on.

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Name: robert pines
Employed as: Other, non-employee, for N/A
Posted: 23 July 2016

Since it doesn't matter with sucky brakes and no steering here is what
you should do.


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