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Name: kyle
Employed as: Conductor, for 20-30 years
Posted: 09 August 2012

All this makes me wonder now as none of us know what will happen when
the courts & attorneys get involved in any type of rr fatal scene, i
know of several, 1 was at our yard when a person went into the yard,
layed his head on the rail while a shove back was being made, So who,s
fault was that? a attorney could say the rr police were not protecting
the properity! also 1 that i remember very clear as we were outlawed in
a 4 main line area in front of a private crossing, a car crossed in
front of us and as we were obstructing the view from the adg west bound
track, well here comes amtrack at 60 mph, missed that guy by a nats
hair, now we were outlawed so that would mean we do not have to provide
flag protection, and i also know we do not have to give flag protection
at private crossings as that is up to the person-company who owns that
crossing, but hell i keep thinking if that guy would have got sent to
the pearly gates some attorney would have jumped on a case like that,
or could they have got us by not stopping 300 ft less than the view, We
did as we were told by the ds, stop at the crossing and wait for a

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