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Name: frank
Employed as: APE, for 10-20 years
Posted: 27 July 2012

Attention fellow CSX employees.

Getting tired of the theft payroll is doing to our pay check pay period
after pay period?  Tired of how our stock isn't going up, and the
quality of the equipment we're forced to work with is going down? 
When you think moral or the way we T&E employees can't get any worse,
it does.  Are you shocked?  You shouldn't be.  Look at who we have
running this company.

Mike Ward personally brought Tony Ingram and David Brown over to CSX
from NS.  The two of them started bring over the managers that helped
NS gain the name Nazi Southern.  Mike then put Cindy Sanborn under Tony
Ingram and David Brown to learn how they managed, and to study their
"Nazi Southern Mentally" so that she be the next VP over we T&E

Cindy Sanborn may be the wealthiest women on the railroad, but WE ALL
have something in common with her.  We all own stock that has voting
rights and allows us to attend and speak at the shareholders meetings. 
Its time we start talking among ourselves and voting our shares.  We
need to vote Mike Ward and his personally appointed buddies off the
board of directors.

We all have the ability to band together and change the future of our
company.  Meaningful change starts from the top down.  Its time we
started a grass roots movement to change the culture of our company.  
We can change the culture of our company by voting Mike Ward and those
that he appointed to the board of directors OUT.  Elections may be a
ways off,  but there is no time like the present to start a grass roots
movement to clean house, starting with Mike Ward and his board of

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