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Employed as: Conductor, for 1-10 years
Posted: 01 July 2012


Trip optimizer has to bet set up by the engineer each trip. Must put
all train info into it. I think its great! Let a stupid little box run
the train. If it messes things up and tears the train up there isnt
anything they can do to the engineer or the conductor. Conductor cant
be held responsible for the actions of that box. Right now we are all
being held accountable for the crap the engineer misses like not
blowing the horn or speeding or what ever they can try and pin on us
now. Besides, if you knew anything about csx and their maintenance
record you would know that this thing is going to be so much trouble
its not even going to be funny. They cant keep their rolling junk
running let alone an optimizer box!
Im not sure but I think the thing cant take into consideration all the
different variable that are in place on each train. Like the yms
putting all the weight on the end of the train instead of the head end.
Or maybe and engine not running right and only having 4 working throttle
positions. Going to be fun to watch!

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