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Name: EZreeder
Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 10-20 years
Posted: 28 July 2012


The proxy materials are a piece of cake!  They clearly tell you the way
the board of minions wants you to vote, so you can easily vote the
opposite.  That's what I do almost every year, except when those
morons from the CDF tried their takeover.

The real question is why people invest in such a retarded business
model to begin with.  You look in the last 2 annuals, and it clearly
tells you that intermodal freight consists of 35% or so of the volume
of business we handle, but produce only 12% of the revenue.  Now tell
me this, why does our company continue to subsidize this "China
Shipping Express", to the detriment of our carload, bill-paying
customers?  Something is not right.  While NS doubles the size of their
Bellevue, OH freight yard, CSX continues to chase this nickle and dime
crap of intermodal.  It's insane.

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