CSX-Sucks.com E-Mail


Here's how it works:

  • You already have an e-mail account, and you need another one like you need a hole in your head.
  • It took you almost a year to remember some gibberish e-mail address, like "nho4735@aol.com", but that's where you get all of your mail.
  • You want to have a simple, easy to remember address, but you don't want check another mailbox, or remember another password.
  • Just pick a "handle" to be your_name@CSX-Sucks.com. (Your handle may contain any combination of letters and numbers. Underscores (_) may be used also, but not at the beginning or end of a handle. Letters are not case sensitive.)
  • Pick an address where you already check your mail.
  • After activation, all mail sent to your_name@CSX-Sucks.com address will be automatically forwarded to your other account.
  • Depending on what mail client you use (Outlook, Messenger, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc), you should be able to set your From: address or your Reply-to: address to your_name@CSX-Sucks.com.
  • If your e-mail address ever changes, you can still keep your_name@CSX-Sucks.com, and have it forward to any address you want. Click here to update.
Your e-mail address is considered confidential, and we will NEVER let it fall into the grubby hands of spammers, employers or anyone.

Your account will be active as soon as you receive a confirmation email. Please send a message to your new address to make sure that it is working. Let us know if you have any problems with this service.

Your Handle: @CSX-Sucks.com
Your current e-mail address:
This is where Your_Name@CSX-Sucks.com mail will be forwarded to.


Please bear in mind that if you reply to an e-mail sent to this address, your real e-mail address may be made available in the reply.

Every effort has been made to ensure your privacy and security. If you find anything in this service or interface that is a concern to privacy or security, please bring it to the attention of Security@CSX-Sucks.com.