CSX's Greatest Hits

Remote Control Accidents - Updated Regularly

$ CSX Will Pay Whistle-Blower $1.18 Million

crossing death Police Fault Crossing Signal In Rail Death

crossing death Train Collision Kills Fulton County Woman
"Witnesses said the crossing gates were up because another train had come through not long before, and there wasn't enough time for them to come back down before the other train passed."

crossing death Woman killed when freight train hits car

Rail overpass critic makes point with a 'box of rocks'

Concrete Example

Teaneck appeals for help against 'stinkin' trains'

Idling trains rattle nerves in Teaneck

hazmat CSX Challenges Hazardous Cargo Ban

hazmat Danger Below

CSX Train Derails In Georgia Railroad Yard

Train derails at Thomasville railroad yard, no one hurt

crossing death A year after 2 deaths, safety concerns linger

crossing death Callers cited faulty crossing a week before crash

crossing death $ Variety of legal actions loom

crossing death $ CSX Found At Fault For Fatal Accident

CSX pushes inquiry into train wreck

Rockland was derailed

Computer glitch stalls trains in six states

hazmat Graniteville train wreck could happen in Decatur

Update On Pike County Train Crash

CSX Investigating Second Train Crash In A Week

Train Derails in Banks

hazmat D.C. Wants Rail Hazmats Banned

Train derails while traveling in tunnel

Partial roof collapse in tunnel causes train derailment

Tunnel Collapse Causes Train To Derail - Two Railroad Employees Injured

$ CSX's concern not safety, it's parking

$ CSX might lease luxury rail cars for Super Bowl

$ Rail cop lacks a 'big stick'

hazmat Train derailment leads to evacuation of homes

hazmat Paris Il Train Derailment - 250 people evacuated

CSX delayed calls add danger to derail

Train derailment

death Head-on train collision kills one

death Two trains collide in Florida; one person killed

crossing $ Portage man wins settlement after train struck his vehicle

death CSX train hits, kills pedestrian

crossing death CSX could have avoided Limestone train deaths

hazmat DEQ called in to clean up truck-train collision

Train Derails in Ocala

$ NC Railroad Workers Wins $7.5 Million FELA Verdict from CSC

CSX train hits 15-year-old boy

crossing death Trial Continues For Suit In Child's Death At Tracks

Savannah's Rough Rails

crossing $ CSX Expects Kenly To Pay $6,800 In Fees For Maintenance

crossing death Four From College Killed In Collision

crossing Freight Train Hits DOT Truck

crossing death Deadly Crossing Under Repair This Weekend

crossing death Stories Target CSX Crossing Crash Reports

crossing death New York Times Investigates Railroad Accidents

crossing $ Portage Man Collects $550,000 In Car-Train Accident

crossing death Trial Opens In Deaths At Railroad Crossing

crossing death $ CSX RR Company Fined

crossing Railroad Crossing Malfunctions A Concern In Wayne County

crossing CSX track record reveals defects

crossing Train Signal Investigation

crossing Former CSX Employee Talks

crossing CSX repair of gate delayed

crossing death CSX Failed To Report Accident In Ohio

crossing death CSX Investigates Report

crossing death Questions Over CSX Accident Report
"The day after the deadly collision that killed John and Jean O'Connor, CSX officials admitted the gates weren't working properly. CSX Vice President John Caselllini said that that morning all trains were ordered to stop before crossing Winton Road, but that's not what the company told federal investigators."

death $ Feds: CSX Most Dangerous Of Top Freight Railroads

crossing death Train crew blamed by CSX

crossing CSX, Towns Debate Amount Of Road Salt

crossing Train Troubles Keep Rolling Into Rochester

crossing death CSX Owns Up, Conductor Replaced

crossing death Schumer Asks For CSX Probe

hazmat Derailment Prompts Safety Questions

crossing CSX Crossing Malfunctions

CSX Train Derails Near I-390

hazmat Philly-Bound CSX Train Derails In Maryland

hazmat Another CSX Derails In Rochester

crossing death Troubling Crossing Turns Deadly
"In the last two weeks, I've called 911 at least six times to say the gates were malfunctioning," said Hassett, whose restaurant is at 3050 S. Winton Road. "I was like, 'Someone is going to get killed out here.' They said that CSX had been notified. A lot of times, a train would come, the gates would come down and they wouldn't go back up. But today, the gates didn't go down. That's what's really weird."
"We have been trying to get a CSX repair crew out here to look at the tracks for most of the day. They have not responded," [Gates Police Chief] Roche said. "The response time is unacceptable."

crossing death Train-Car Collision Kills Two
"Witnesses told deputies that the warning gate of the railroad crossing was not down."

nukes hazmat Derailment Spawns New Safety Concerns

hazmat D.C. Considers Regulating Transport of Hazardous Materials

hazmat District Takes On Toxic Trains

hazmat Military train derails near Charleston

hazmat Military Train Derails In S.C.

hazmat CSX Train Derails

$ Miscalculation, CSX Cited For Rise In Railroad Costs

$ CSX Sues Over Bridges

crossing death One teen killed, two injured in Burg truck / train crash

hazmat CSX Vows To Discover Cause Of Derailment

hazmat $ 3 Lawsuits Seek Faster CSX Cleanup

$ CSX Tracks Down Driver For Bill
As Thomas pondered her next step, CSX called her three times in the past week to remind her to pay the charge, Thomas said. But after a Palm Beach Post reporter asked about the company's policy on Tuesday, Thomas got a fourth call about an hour later. "We have waived the bill," Hollingsworth said.

Train Derailment in Woodbury

$ CSX Loses Lawsuit Over Four Bridges

$ Aiming to Get Back on Track
Since Snow left the eastern railroad system to become Treasury secretary, his successor as chief executive... acknowledged that CSX for years paid more attention to its finances than to the condition of its track.

crossing death Dispute Brews In Crossing Death
Witnesses Robert Spitznagel, 28, and Paul DePrimo, 26, were in a car just a few feet in front of Castro's at the crossing. Both men said they never saw the safety gates come down.

death CSX Train Kills Man With Snowblower

$ CSX Buys Tickets, Lays Off Workers

$ CSX Has Little Company In Controlling Thermostats

hazmat Train Derails North Of Watertown

hazmat $ Ex-worker Sues CSX Over Solvents

crossing Residents Feel Railroaded By Vine Street Closing

$ Job-Cutting CSX To Buy $1 Million In Super Bowl Tickets

$ Amid Layoffs, CSX Has $1-Million For Super Bowl Seats

$ Job-cutting CSX agrees to buy $1 million in Super Bowl tickets

$ Job-Cutting CSX Corp. To Buy $1 Million In Super Bowl Tickets

$ Cooling-off period at CSX
A company memo, obtained by The Times-Dispatch, states, "Heat building to no more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, when occupied."
Asked whether the policy directive from Florida could hurt morale, Sullivan said, "I don't think so."

$ CSX To Cut Up To 1,000 Jobs

crossing CSX Freight Train Derailment Blocks Traffic In Sykesville

crossing death $ Mom Awarded $12M In Railroad Death
Jury finds CSX Transportation negligent; company plans to seek reversal of verdict

crossing death $ $12 Million Awarded In Rail Crossing Death

crossing $ Vincent: CSX Bill 'not realistic'

$ Bush Nominates CSX's Havens As Treasury Counsel

hazmat CSX Train Derails in Shorter

$ Railroad Operator CSX Swings To Third-Quarter Loss On Hefty Charges

$ CSX: Liability, Settlement Create Q3 Losses

CSX Train Derails

nukes Nuclear-Reactor Train Stays Overnight In Area

crossing $ CSX Charges Tolls To Cross Tracks

hazmat Freight Train Derails In N. Versailles

crossing death Leipsic Man Is Killed When Train Hits Pickup

crossing death Boy Killed At Train Crossing

$ CSX Worker Wins Solvents Case

hazmat Train Jumps Tracks in Palmyra

crossing death Truck Driver Dies In Collision With Train In Haverstraw

crossing death Truck Driver Dies In Collision With Freight Train

CSX Blames Virus for Delays

CSX Blames Computer Virus For Amtrak, D.C. Train Delays

Computer Worm Blamed For CSX Rail Problems That Stranded Passengers

Computer Failure Shuts Down CSX Train System

Rail Traffic Slowed As Computer Virus Strikes CSX

crossing Train Hits Stolen Car Left On Tracks

death NTSB Says CSX's Poor Maintenance Is Likely Cause For Buckle

hazmat Freight Train Spills Hazardous Chemicals

death NTSB Blames Poor CSX Maintenance in 2 Crashes

death NTSB Cites Poor CSX Maintenance In Amtrak, Emery Crashes

death Man Struck And Killed By Freight Train

crossing Railroad Worker Pinned In Wreckage

crossing Dump Truck, Freight Train Collide At Port Of Tampa
"The conductor, L. K. Lucas, was trapped beneath the dump truck for about two hours until rescue workers cut him out of the wreckage with welding equipment. He was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital and is now in extremely critical condition with massive leg injuries."

Railroad Workers Hurt Along Tracks - Two Critically Injured

$ CSX sues DelDOT, Wilmington over bridge repairs

death Avon Lake Woman Dies When Hit By CSX Train

crossing Delivery Truck Destroyed In Collision With Train
"James Weber of CSX inspected the train for damage. He said that while the crossing was marked, it had no bells, with the sight line for motorists being about 1,000 feet at the site of the crash."
Does anyone know how fast the train was going, or what the track speed is? Does anyone know how long it takes (in seconds) a delivery truck full of ice to cross those tracks? Can we do the math?

hazmat Workers Transfer Flammable Liquid From Train Leak

$ CSX Lays Off 143, 65 In Jax

Train Stopped So Employee Can Get Coffee

hazmat Three Derailments Spur CSX Internal Probe

hazmat Train Car Derails, Barely Misses Home

Derailments Puzzle CSX

$ Man Sues CSX For $1.5M Over Crash

hazmat Derailment Of Chemical Cars Forces Evacuations
"One car was carrying about 90 tons of chlorine and the other was carrying about 100 tons of potassium hydroxide to Brenntag. Both substances are considered hazardous."

crossing death Train-Truck Collision Kills Man, Boy In Murfreesboro

death Teen Struck And Killed By CSX Train

hazmat Chemical Leaks From Rail Car

crossing hazmat Train Strikes Car, Two Narrowly Escape

hazmat Forty Lyons Residents Evacuated After Vapor Leak

hazmat Train Carrying Sulphuric Acid Jumps Tracks

$ CSX Hit With 1,500 Lawsuits

death Train Hits, Kills Man Walking On Railroad Tracks

$ CSXT To Cut Data-Entry Jobs

Backhoe, Truck In Accident

death Ball State Student Struck, Killed By Train

death OSHA Investigates Accident That Kills Railroad Worker

crossing death Boy, 8, Killed In Train Accident

crossing death Boy Killed At Railroad Crossing

Three Crew Members Injured In Train Derailment

death Missing Maysville Man Found Dead By Train Tracks

crossing Big Rig Collides With Train

crossing Car, Train Collide At Charleston Rail Crossing

Train Driver Shot On the Job

crossing death Deadly Crash Won't Rush Safety Gate

crossing death Train Kills St. Matthews Woman [And Her Dog] Who Stumbled At Crossing

crossing death Bicyclist Hit, Killed By Train

crossing death Man Dead After Car Collides With Train

death Officials Cancel Trains After Fatal Accident

crossing death Churchville-Chili Students Mourning Loss Of Classmate

crossing death Chili Teenager Dies After Being Hit By Train

crossing death A Train Whistle, A Thud And A Ball Of Flames

crossing death hazmat Train Accidents Kill 2, Injure 1

crossing death Fatal Train Accident Investigation Closed
"Investigators have concluded that Brenda McCulley died while trying to free her mother, Lillian Vitatoe, whose foot got stuck in a gap by the tracks as a CSX train was coming."

Amtrak Hits Tree On CSX Tracks

Train derails in Wellington
"Train derailments are rare, but it's not uncommon for them to happen", [CSX spokesman Dan] Murphy said.
WTF??? Talk about double-speak!!

crossing 21-Car Train Broadsides 16-Ft. Truck

crossing death CSX Train Kills Woman In Murfreesboro

crossing death John Freeman Dies From Inuries In Car-Train Crash

crossing Student Listed As Critical After Car-Train Crash

Big Mess On The Rails

crossing Train Crashes Into Truck; Driver Hurt

crossing death Woman Dies After Car Struck By Train

crossing death Witnesses: Daughter Tried To Free Mother From Tracks

hazmat Suit Claims Derailment Site Not Properly Cleaned Up

crossing death Woman And Daughter Hit And Killed By Train

crossing death Mother, Daughter Killed By Train

crossing death Mother, Daughter Killed Crossing Local Railroad Tracks

crossing death Mother And Daughter Killed While Trying To Cross Train Tracks

Suit Claims Derailment Site Not Properly Cleaned Up

crossing Teen, Juvenile Injured In Train Accident

hazmat FEMA: CSX Delayed Calling In Tunnel Fire
"A 37-minute delay by CSX Transportation in reporting the 2001 train tunnel fire under downtown Baltimore hampered firefighters and allowed the chemical blaze to expand within the tunnel, according to a federal report released Monday."

death Orlando Man Struck By Train, Killed Instantly

crossing death Vehicle-Train Collision Injures 1

death Train Strikes Man North Of Leo Street

death Man Struck, Killed

Train hits maintenance rail car
"It was ripping open the box cars like a can opener"

death CSX Train Strikes, Kills Woman

crossing death Professor dies in train wreck

death Man Killed by Train Committed Suicide

crossing death Train Smashes Into Pickup, Killing Man
Four people interviewed said the caution lights began flashing too late to provide an adequate warning.
"It was all too quick," said Pamela Dobson, a driver who looked back at the accident.
"It was a matter of seconds after the lights came on that the train hit the truck," said Zondra Baker, 24, of Lakeland.

hazmat Senator Schumer Impatient With CSX Cleanup

hazmat Senator Wants Rail Company To Pay For Chemical Cleanup

crossing Train Crushes Cruiser, Officer Unhurt

crossing Cop Car Struck At Rail Crossing

death Man Electrocuted Near Henrietta RR Tracks

hazmat Senator Wants CSX To Pay For Cleanup

hazmat Train Catches Fire In Tunnel

death Runner Electrocuted

death Man Electrocuted Near Henrietta RR Tracks

crossing Restaurant Operators Injured In Collision With Train

$ CSX Gave Snow $68.9 Million When He Left

$ Snow Pocketed $60.8 Million From CSX

Ridgefield Park Woman In Serious Condition After Being Hit By Train

Train Derails in Hamilton OH

crossing death Man Kills Himself By Driving Into Train

death Train Kills Two, Friend Suspects It's Missing Teens

Train Wreck Spills Tons Of Corn

crossing Two Drivers Hit Trains In LaPorte County

Flying Door Damages Train Station - Part Came From A CSX Freight Train

crossing Teen Hurt In Collision With CSX Train

Neighbors Say CSX Railroad Tracks Aren't Safe

crossing Salt Causing Train Signals To Short Circuit
"Salt thrown on the roads to prevent a build up of ice and snow is seeping into train tracks, triggering the track's signal system. Salt water acts like a conductor on the tracks, short-circuiting the operation of signals that warn when a train is coming, according to CSX trainmaster Jack Bengston."

crossing death Traffic Victim Identified From Train-Truck Crash

crossing death Trucker Killed At U.S. 24 Rail Crossing

death Rail Worker Crushed To Death

death Buffalo Rail Yard Worker Killed

death Boxcar Strikes, Kills CSX Worker

death Pedestrian Struck, Killed By Train

death Railroad Death Ruled Accident
"CSX investigators will try to reconstruct what happened" - I'm sure they're impartial.
"Sease [CSX spokesperson] said he is unaware of any investigators from FRA visiting the Manlius accident site."

death CSX Employee Struck And Killed By Boxcar

crossing Truck Collides With CSX Train

$ Opinion: Tax scams
"Bush's new treasury secretary, the guy who's now in charge of our nation's tax policy. Snow had headed CSX Corporation and had lept through so many loopholes that in three of the past four years, CSX paid zero in federal income taxes, even though it had banked nearly a billion dollars in profit. Even trickier, CSX got $164 million in tax rebates during those years."

crossing death Train crash kills woman
"A CSX spokeswoman said local authorities are handling the investigation."

crossing death Erie Woman Killed When Car Struck By CSX Train

death Buckled CSX Track Blamed For Amtrak Crash

CSX Freight Train Jumps Tracks In Panhandle

Runaway Train Gets Loose Again

hazmat Howell Mill Road Reopened After CSX Derailment

crossing death Car, CSX Train Wreck Is Fatal For 19-Year-Old Driver
"Shannon said the crossing has been the scene of several fatal train-vehicle accidents... Trees grow within several yards of the crossing and may have limited visibility..."

crossing Pascagoula Woman Injured When CSX Train Hits Her Truck

$ Once Again, We're Being Railroaded
"If CEO perks were pills, Snow would have overdosed."
"CSX will pay him $2.47 million a year for life."
"Having Snow, a world-class tax dodger and the lamest railroad man since Casey Jones, at the controls of our sputtering economy -- the Disorient Express -- has all the makings of a world-class train wreck."

crossing Nashville Man Killed When Dump Truck Hit By CSX Train

death CSX Conductor Dies In Fatal Crash - Sleep Considered A Factor
"[Robert Willett] on his way home from working a 12-hour shift at CSX Railroad -- with only an hour of sleep the day before -- was killed nearly three weeks ago after his car slammed into the back of a semi on U.S. 20. Lana thinks it's possible her husband may have fallen asleep at the wheel."

crossing death hazmat Crews Work To Clear Fatal CSX Train Crash Scene

crossing death hazmat One dead after CSX train derails in Wayne MI

$ Snow Discloses His Assets, Pay
"Snow has pledged to quit every job, directorship and trusteeship he currently holds -- 32 positions in all."
"... he belongs to no fewer than 18 clubs."
Holding 32 positions and being a member of 18 clubs would indicate to this webmaster that he is not providing any service to any of these commitments, except possibly his connection$.

crossing death Amtrak Train on CSX Tracks Kills Driver
"Burnside, 38, said the arms went down seconds before the car crossed the tracks.... He said residents in the community had complained previously about the crossing arms."

crossing Engineer in last year's train, truck wreck files suit
"It's a fast track (and) that's just inexcusable. It's an accident waiting to happen... It's hard for the train to see the truck and it's hard for the truck to see the train."

hazmat WV accepts cleanup plan for ex-CSX lot
OK, check this out - The WV city of Parkersburg is going to pay to clean up and old CSX site, so it can be used by John Snow's new employer, the U.S. Department of the Treasury!!!
"Extent of the contamination is unknown"

hazmat Cyclohexane Chemical spill at CSX facility

hazmat Chemical Drums Spill Under CSX Train

crossing death Two teens killed in train crash

$ CSX Eliminates More Than 100 KY Jobs
"[CSX spokeswoman Misty] Skipper was at a loss to explain why the layoffs came at a time when rival carrier Norfolk Southern hired 23 conductor trainees in Huntington and Portsmouth, Ohio, last month."

CSX Conductor Loses Legs In Derailment

Remote-Control Trains Raising Safety Concerns

crossing Victim's Mother Sues CSX

crossing death CSX Train Kills Man At Unmarked Crossing

$ Bush appointee getting unusual benefit package

$ More Self-Entitled Good Old Boys

$ Snow Had A Gravy Train As CSX Boss

$ Bush Appoints New Set of Scoundrels to Oversee Treasury

hazmat City Still At Odds With CSX One Year After Train Derailment

$ Corporate Freeloader John Snow is Bush's Choice to Head Treasury

death Body Found At CSX Rail Yard

crossing CSX Derail Causes Closure Of Interstate

death Lawsuit Filed Against CSX Over Fatal Train Accident
"Investigators said Oak, of Carrollton, Kentucky, was driving a company pickup truck in the Queensgate railyard when an automated train backed into him, dragging his body."

death CSX Conductor killed in early-morning switching accident
"[the conductor] was working on only eight hours of rest when the early-morning accident occurred... The carrier is short of people at Evansville and the railroad won't hire anyone. I think fatigue might have a lot to do in this. It was a big factor."

CSX Train crew member shot on tracks

CSX conductor wounded in ambush

death $ CSX fined $20,000

nukes Web Map Shows Nuclear Waste Shipping Routes

nukes Is there a terrorist threat?

nukes Security Breach on Nuclear Waste Train

CSX Freight train jumps track

In Jersey City, 2 Trains Derail Within 5 Days

crossing death Police Investigate KY Firefighter's Death

$ CSX faces slave reparations suit

$ CSX CEO Was Paid $10M In 2001

crossing death Firefighter dies in collision with CSX train

hazmat Mayor lambastes CSX over cleanup
"It's not an exaggeration to say that we've been lied to." -- Mayor Johnson

hazmat City prods CSX to clean up
"They just don't seem to get that they spilled this [Acetone & Methylene chloride] in a community."

hazmat CSX Freight train derails in northwest Ohio

hazmat Freak crash destroys Mackinac boat
"It's pretty gruesome."

hazmat CSX vows to discover cause of derailment

hazmat CSX Derailment fire spawns criticism

hazmat Investigative Report of CSX crash in Charlotte, NY
"The Democrat and Chronicle - through a Freedom of Information Act request - obtained 330 pages of documents detailing correspondence between the city and CSX, company lawyers and cleanup contractor, Department of Environmental Conservation and Monroe County Health Department."

hazmat CSX Derailment cleanup likely to take days

CSX Freight Train Derails, Snarls Amtrak Service

hazmat Derailed CSX train linked to chemical in sewers

hazmat Explosions in Baltimore still 'a mystery'

hazmat Photo Gallery: Fire in the Howard Street Tunnel (New window)

hazmat Train Safety Record Declines

nukes Reservations on the Nuclear Train

nukes A WAKE-UP CALL: Howard St. Tunnel Disaster Could Have Been Nuclear

nukes Train Wreck Stirs Fear Over Nuclear Freight

hazmat Baltimore accident highlights the dangers of trains carrying hazardous materials

hazmat Baltimore Incident Highlights Train Hazards

hazmat Accident plan leaves city unprepared

nukes CSX Train Kept A-Burning -- Nuked Baltimore?

nukes Is your freight train a 'Mobile Chernobyl?'

nukes What If Baltimore Train Tunnel Fire Had Involved High-Level Nuclear Waste?
"... the fire in the train tunnel reached temperatures as high as 1,500°F... burned out of control all day long, overnight, and well into the next day... [The] criteria for high-level nuclear waste containers only calls for casks to be able to withstand a 1,475° fire for 30 minutes."

hazmat 'It's a little bit of hell'

hazmat Burning CSX train in rail tunnel resists control

hazmat Derailed Baltimore Train Carrying Fluorosilicic Acid

hazmat Baltimore Still Reeling

hazmat CSX Train Fire, Toxic Cargo Shut City

hazmat Roads into Baltimore closed as chemical train burns

hazmat CSX train derails, chemical spills into creek

crossing hazmat Runaway CSX train stopped after uncontrolled 2 hours

crossing hazmat Runaway CSX train stopped near Kenton after 70 miles

crossing death CSX Train Slams Schoolbus

hazmat The Toxic Workplace: Railroaders, Solvents & Sickness

hazmat Hundreds Of Rail Workers Blame Solvents For Illness

death CSX train warned before wreck

death CSX conductor dragged, killed

crossing death A Third Victim in Bus-Train Crash

CSX repair delays irk city official

CSX freight train derails

crossing death CSX Train collides with school bus in Tennessee - 2 children killed

death CSX Coal train that killed teenager [in his living room] was speeding

death Firefighter's Son Killed, House Destroyed by Derailed CSX Coal Train

death Derailment of CSX Transportation Coal Train

death Teenager dies as CSX coal train demolishes house

$ CSX Soft-Money Contributions

hazmat Chemical spill cleanup keeps W. Virginians out of homes

hazmat CSX Hazardous Material Release at Cox Landing, West Virginia

crossing death Fatal wreck halts rail traffic
"It's a big boom, You knew something hit the train or the train hit something, having heard it so many times before."

CSX Derails Passenger Safety

$ CSX Seeks Huge Government Bailout

$ Judge Sends A Message To CSX

death hazmat Train collision kills 1 in West Virginia

nukes Nuke Trainspotting Warns of Drive-by Dosing

death hazmat Head-on collision between 2 CSX trains

death String Of Fatal Accidents Shows Disregard Of Rail Barons For Workers' Lives, Safety

$ CSX Pays $5.9 Million To Settle Mischarging Claims

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